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Scheduling lighting operations on the Dahua Camera WizSense 2

WizSense 2 is a Camera product line launched by Dahua in 2022. With many outstanding advantages, this product line is suitable installed in many different systems such as: home, school, hospital, ….

You can set the operating time of the yellow light, infrared light according to various time frames.

Lighting Schedule Instructions

Do it step by step as follows:


The light will work according to the principle:

  • When the camera is low-light (dark environment), the corresponding light will turn on in the set time frame.
  • In smart mode, the light will glow continuously and Capture color video when detecting people (dogs, cats, trees, … will not turn on this light)
  • Yellow LED on Camera only has lighting function, no link is used. when alarmed.

Good luck with your device installation!!!