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Instructions for using DH-H2AE, DH-H4AE

DH-H2AE, DH-H4AE are two WiFi Camera product models launched by Dahua at the end of 2023. With many outstanding features, this will be the optimal choice to protect your health. marry you.

1. Instructions for using basic functions

1WiFi connection instructions for IPC-H2AE, IPC-H4AE on DMSSSee details
2 Instructions for resetting IPC-H2AE, IPC-H4AE passwordSee details
3Enable anti-backlighting for Dahua Camera on DMSS applicationSee details
4Instructions for changing Camera and DVR passwords on DMSS applicationSee details
5Activate Privacy mode on Camera IPC-H2AE, IPC-H4AESee details
4Instructions for flipping Dahua Camera images on DMSS applicationSee details
5Enable Human Detection and Motion Tracking on DMSSSee details
6Set up IPC-H2AE/ IPC-H4AE Camera Audio Alarm on DMSS See details
7Instructions Enable 2-way conversation Dahua Camera on DMSS AppSee details
8Enable Audio Recording for Dahua Camera on DMSS appSee details
9Set Camera time on DMSS AppSee details
10Adjust Mic and Speaker Volume for Camera on DMSS appSee details
11Format memory card, hard drive for Camera on DMSSSee details
12Instructions for changing WiFi connection for Camera on DMSS applicationSee details
13< /td>Delete Dahua Camera account link on DMSS applicationSee details
14Instructions for installing persistent storage for Camera DH-H2AE, DH-H4AESee details
15Instructions for setting up continuous recording for Camera DH-H2AE / DH-H4AE on DMSS applicationSee details
16Instructions for adding Camera DH-H2AE, DH-H4AE to Dahua DVRSee details
17WiFi connection (Auto Pairing) with Dahua WiFi DVR on DH-H2AE, DH-H4AESee details

2. Compatible software

A. DMSS Application

DMSS is the best support application for Dahua WiFi Camera, need to add Camera to the application in account mode (required). DMSS  will perform basic functions such as:

  • WiFi connection for device
  • Watch live and playback
  • Download video recording file, 2-way conversation
  • Set up motion detection
  • Set the lighting status
  • Change WiFi connection for Camera
  • Set up light and siren alarms
  • Format the memory card and Restart the device
  • Receive alarm messages (alarm messages are saved in the Cloud for 7 days)

B. IMOU Life application

When adding a Camera using the application IMOU Life (Version: 6.12.1), you can successfully connect WiFi to the Camera, but in the last step the Camera cannot be added. software and always displays Wrong password.

C. KBView Plus application

Application KBView Plus cannot make WiFi connection to Camera. However, if your Camera is Online, you can scan the SN (Serial Number) into the application.

Currently KBView Plus still supports basic functions from Camera (Camera Firmware: 2023-11-29). But cannot set up alarm functions, smart monitoring, etc.

D. iDMSS Plus, gDMSS Plus, KBView Lite, KBView Pro

iDMSS Plus, gDMSS Plus, KBView Lite, KBView Pro These applications are quite old, currently not supported on new generation Cameras. However, if you want to use it, you can add a Camera by IP/Domain name and still use it normally.

3. Notes when using

Basic product information

  • At the present time (January 2024), the DMSS application does not support registration with account Phone Number in Vietnam, so you need to use email to register (required)
  • Camera does not support Web setting interface, does not support free domain.
  • You can add SmartPSS on your computer using the Camera’s P2P to use
  • Used on DMSS, not supported on other applications such as KBView Plus, Imou Life, …
  • Setting continuous recording on DMSS is not supported yet (can add to SmartPSS on PC to install)


  • The DH-H2AE camera is set to the default birate parameter of 1024Kbps, so for continuous recording 24/24 will consume a maximum capacity of 10.6GB/ 1 Day.
  • Similarly, Camera DH-H4AE is set to the default birate parameter of 2048Kbps, so to record continuously 24/24 will consume a maximum capacity of 21.12GB/ 1 Day.

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