Today security camera is considered a “magic eye” to support surveillance and security protection for personal needs as well as business needs and urban security monitoring. In addition to real-time security monitoring, security cameras also have a security alert function in case of incidents.

1. What are security cameras?

A security camera in English called  CCTV  (Closed-circuit television) is a closed-circuit television system, which is the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific location, on a limited set of screens. That’s why security cameras are also known as video surveillance systems.

The reason it is called closed-circuit television is because unlike the public broadcast television system, CCTV cameras can only record and broadcast on surveillance screens in areas where they are located. Areas that need strict security management such as banks, government, warehouses, streets, offices, companies …

2. Security Camera System

Security camera system (CCTV Camera System) The security camera system is a combination of many devices in which the security camera plays the central role.

In addition, it also comes with many supporting devices such as recording devices, storage devices, monitor systems for observation, signal wiring …

3. Security system applications

  • Access Control
  • Use for retail stores
  • Use surveillance on buses, homes, schools, neighborhoods,…
  • Combination of face time attendance and body temperature measurement
  • The system automatically turns in and out of apartment parking lots, smart cities,…

4. Security solutions from vendors

The following is a summary of security solutions from vendors. Each solution needs to use their own product, you should contact the issue of goods before deploying with the customer. Hope it helps your work.