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Demo of Camera models to See License Plates

Synthesis of videos and images of motorcycle license plates on regular surveillance cameras are collected and compiled by CCTVAPP. You can consult and advise customers.

For surveillance images to clearly see license plates, you should choose cameras and install them that meet the following technical requirements:

  • Installation height from 3 – 6m
  • Road width from 6 – 8m
  • Camera resolution 4MP or higher (may be lower depending on viewing distance)
  • The distance from the camera to the center of the license plate is 10 – 15m (front view)
  • Camera with multifocal lens (2.7mm ~ 13.5mm) or 4x zoom cam or more
  • Adjust maximum Zoom-In, mounting angle ~30 degrees
  • Have bright street lights, or install additional lighting (night vision)
  • High visibility, from 50m or more (night vision)
  • Average visible vehicle speed 40 km/h ~ 60km/h