For more convenience in supporting customers, CCTV App has compiled software and tools to configure security monitoring equipment from companies. These are the latest updated software from the company at the moment.

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Software – Support tools

1Disk CaculatorV1.000.000.00Download
2Disk ManagerV1.000.000003.2Download
3Project Design ToolV1.001.0000010.0Download
4SmartPSS – ACV1.002.0000010.0Download
5Convert ToolV1.0.0Download
6ConfigTool V5.000.00000.1.8Download
7DH ThermalV1.000.00000.1Download
8Smart PlayerV4.001.00000.0Download
9VDP Config Update 12.01.2022Download
10Video Wall Configurator V1.00.0Download
11Product SelectorV1.000.00000.3Download
12Camera CalculatorV2.000.00000.6 Download
Num Software Version Download
1Onvif Device Manager2.2.250Download
2Advanced IP Scanner2.5.3850Download
3Bandwidth Calculator1.0.0.3Download
4Disk Calculator3.0.21Download
6Advanced Port Scanner2.5.3869Download
7Wireshark (Win64)4.0.5Download
9Flash Player32.0Download

1. Software from Dahua

Num Software Version Download
1SmartPSS (Win64)2.003Download
2SmartPSS (Win32/64)2.02.1 (cũ)Download
3SmartPSS – AC (Win64)1.001Download
4SmartPSS – AC (Win64) – Tiếng Việt1.001Download
5 Config Tool – D (Bản riêng) 4.11.3.D Download
6Config Tool 5.000Download
7Config Tool (China)5.000Download
8Config Tool4.11.3Download
9Config Tool3.20.0Download
10VDP Config1.8.4.0Download
11DSS Express 1.000Download
12SmartPlayer 4.000Download
13Imou Life for PC2.1.5.1111Download

2. Software from Kbvision

Num Software Version Download
1KB Config Tool4.11.3.5Download
2Config Tool – D (Private)4.11.3.DDownload
3KBiVMS V2.03.1 (Win64)2.03.1Download
4KBiVMS V2.02.0 (Win32/64)2.02.0Download
5KBiVMS V1.14.1 (Win32/64)1.14.1Download
6VDP Config1.8.4.0Download
7KB Player3.41.0Download
8KBWIN for PC (Win32/64)5.12.2Download
9Search Tool (K Series)1.000Download
10SmartPSS – AC (Win64) – Vietnamese language1.001Download

3.Software from Hikvision

Num Software Version Download
1iVMS 42003.5.0.7Download
2iVMS 42003.3.0.7Download
3Storage Server3.2.0.10Download
4Stream Media Server3.2.0.10Download
5Fix missing file msvcp120.dll (iVMS 4200)Download
6Vietnamese package language (iVMS 4200)Download
7SADP Tool3.0.4.5Download
8VS Player (Win64)7.4.4Download
9VS Player (Win23/64)7.4.3Download
10Batch Configuration3.0.3.8 Download
11EZVIZ PC Studio2.1.1Download

4. Software from UNV

Num Software Version Download
1EZStation (Win32)B1130.3.9.0Download
2EZStation (Win64)B1130.3.10.0Download
6Two Layer Search Tool1.0.1Download

5. Software from TP-Link

NumSoftwareVersion Download
1Java 8 (JRE – Windows – i586)8u371Download
2Omada Discovery Utility
(Find TP-Link trong device in LAN)
3Omada SDN Controller Windows5.9.31Download

6. Software from Questek

Num Software Download
Dòng QUESTEK 6100AHD + 9000NVR + 9000IP
1CMS v3 ( Camera management software)Download
2Device Manager ( Search IP )Download
3H264 Playback ( View Recode Playback)Download
Dòng QUESTEK 8400 + 6000IP
4NVMS 1000 (Camera management software)Download
5NVMS 1200 ( Camera management software for MAC OS)Download
6IP Tool (Search IP )Download
7IP Tool 2 (Search IP – ver 2)Download
Serises QUESTEK 5000D5
8CMS V3 for Questek 5000 (Camera management software)Download
Camera IP 921IP & 922IP
9CMS Client (Camera management software)Download
Camera IP 905HW
10Search Pro Search IP)Download
11iSmartViewPro (Camera management software)Download
Other software for Questek
12CMS QUESTEK WIN 8100 SeriesDownload
13NVMS-1000 V3.1 (8400 Series AHD, 8400 Series TVI, 6400 Series)Download
14NVMS-1200 (8400 Series AHD, 8400 Series TVI, 6400 Series) – Mac OSDownload
15CMS 6100 v3Download
17CMS 6200AHDDownload
18CMS 9000UIP SeriesDownload
19CMS 9000IP SeriesDownload
20CMS 6100i NVSIP SeriesDownload
21CMS QTX-6400 NVMS-1200 cho MACDownload
22Seach Camera IP 9000Download
23CMS 6900Download
24Software used to search for recorders and IP cameras QUESTEK ONEDownload
25VMS software for camera series QTX-6104A/B CVIDownload
26View file backup (6400, 8400 Series)Download
27CMS for 6900AHD SeriesDownload
28Software IP Update Questek.tvDownload
29Mobile Apps List (List of software used on the phone / Tablet)Download

7. Software from J-Tech

Num Software Download
1CMS for J-TechDownload
2VMS for DanaleDownload
3CMS for CareCamDownload

8. Software from YooSee

Num Software Download
1Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (x86)Download
2Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)Download
3 Camera management software for YooSee (CMS Client)Download

9. Software from Lorex

1Lorex Cloud PC1.0.0Download
2Lorex Client 131.0.0Download

App content update date: 04/06/2021 (VN)

If any download link fails, please give us feedback. Thank you!