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PoE Technology on Surveillance Cameras

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is simply a technology that allows the use of power transmitted over an Ethernet network cable (RJ45 cable) to provide power works on electronic devices.
PoE cameras are ordinary IP cameras that integrate PoE technology. And PoE technology only appears on IP cameras because only IP cameras use network wires to transmit signals.
Surveillance cameras use 12V power, therefore, when buying a camera, it is necessary to choose to buy an additional 12V source for camera. At the same time, there is an additional cost to buy electrical wires, and run the wiring to power the camera, going through many stages. The introduction of PoE cameras has made it simpler to install IP cameras.

PoE Camera Advantages

When using a PoE camera, users do not need to use a separate power source, do not need to build and run electrical wires, the camera uses always the transmission source on the network cable, which is very convenient and aesthetic:

  • Saving construction time and effort, technicians only need to run one network cable from the central device to the camera to be able to operate normally.
  • PoE cameras are cost-effective as there is no need to invest money in elements such as power cords, sockets, plugs, camera power adapter……
  • Installable camera in any position regardless of the power supply location (power outlet) offers flexibility and convenience.
  • More stable, compared to using a conventional power adapter Usually, power over PoE is always more stable, PoE power supplies are able to protect camera equipment from voltage fluctuations.

Disadvantage of PoE Technology Camera

Using PoE IP cameras is both simple in construction and can save costs, but there are some disadvantages:

  • First, the PoE camera is limited to the range of the network cable, beyond a certain distance, it will not provide enough power for the camera to work.
  • To use the camera. PoE, needs to be accompanied by a PoE switch – a network switch with integrated POE technology, or a POE recorder. If no PoE switch or recorder is used, the POE camera becomes a regular IP camera, must use its own source.
  • As can be seen, using a surveillance camera system using POE technology minimizes significant costs of additional materials such as power cords, camera adapters, labor costs, system warranty costs, operating costs, etc.

The above are the characteristics of PoE technology on surveillance cameras. Hope this article will help you choose the right installation solution for you!