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IVS Technology on Kbvision Smart Camera, Dahua

IVS Intelligent Video Surveillance System is a breakthrough technology incorporated in the latest generation of IP Security Cameras. IVS includes smart features such as: Virtual Fence (Tripwire), Intrusion Object (Intrusion), Abandoned Object (Abandoned Object), Missing Object

In this article, we invite you to understand the features of IVS technology on Kbvision and Dahua cameras.

Virtual fence feature (Tripwire)

  • The Tripwire feature is a great solution to increase security with motion capture, object detection. With Tripwire, you can draw a line across a door, window, or anywhere else you want to be notified of an intruder.


  • Similar to Tripwire, Intrusion also detects when someone or something enters or crosses the set area. However, instead of just a straight line, you can draw any type of straight line shape.
  • This is a great function to apply to places like parking lots, warehouses or stores, where you want to increase security in a certain area.

Abandoned Object Feature

  • This feature allows you to draw an area that you need to monitor regularly and do not want the appearance of foreign objects in the area.
  • The abandoned object feature is perfect for installation in places like the street. For a specific example, the system will send an alert to your phone when a trash bag suddenly appears in the area that someone left behind.
  • So later on you can observe and know to limit people’s situation of dumping garbage in the wrong place.

Missing Object Feature

  • The Lost Object feature works well in situations where you might want to be notified when an object in the area is lost. The feature is suitable for warehouses or shops where there are important objects that you want to track.
  • In addition, there is SMD (Smart Motion Detection) built into the functions. IVS helps the system recognize the movement of people and vehicles, limit false alarms and support fast and accurate search of objects.
  • IP camera products from C series of KBVISION and IPC-3000 series are integrated with IVS technology, customers can refer to use to have the best security camera system.
  • IVS feature is the cutting-edge technology and the wave of the future. It will support or replace protective parts, support people sitting directly to monitor camera systems through the screen, increase security control in important areas.

Hopefully the article will help you understand more about IVS technology on Kbvision and Dahua security cameras. If you need any more information, we will be happy to assist you.

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