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Troubleshooting Camera Image Noise at Night

When using Analog Camera, surely many times you have encountered the problem of Camera noise at night, but during the day it is normal and clear. So what is the cause and how to handle it, let’s find out through this article.

1. Causes of image noise errors

There are many causes of this error, but mainly due to:

  • The main reason accounts for about 90% of the power supply to the Camera is low pressure, because the camera turns on infrared at night and handles too much in low light, so it will consume more power than during the day. .
  • The camera has an iron shell that is attached to the iron frame, the iron pillar, …
  • The camera is wired with a 3-phase power source.
  • Connector signal quality is poor (BNC, Balun)
  • The signal line is too far, poor quality.
  • The camera is faulty.

Camera image is noisy at night, normal daytime:

2. How to fix

To fix this error with 90% of the error due to power voltage drop, please immediately replace the adapter with a new one and check it again .

If you have changed the source and still can’t handle it:

  1. Replace BNC connector, higher quality Balun.
  2. If the Iron Body Camera is directly attached to the iron frame, isolate it. Plastic boxes, wooden panels can be planed.
  3. Separate the signal wire from the 3-phase power system, there is no way to deal with it when it is connected to the 3-phase power, don’t try.
  4. If the signal wire is used for a long time, consider replacing it with a new one or upgrading to an IP Camera (IP cameras won’t have this kind of interference).
  5. The last trick. If it still can’t be resolved, send it back for warranty and ask the company to check it again to see if the camera is faulty.

Wishing you a successful device error handling!!!