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Instructions for installing and using the IMOU B5 (CL1B-5) bulb

IMOU CL1B-5 is a smart light bulb developed from the IMOU brand. With the ability to support up to 16 million colors combining Bluetooth and WiFi brings you convenience, combine with IMOU ecosystem to create your own smart home.

And cuckoo. As always, in this article I will show you how to connect and use the basic IMOU CL1B-5

1. Default Reset Instructions

Video on how to reset defaults:

If the bulb is already pre-installed, to clear the setting information, reset the default, please:
Turn on the light -> Then turn it on and off 5 times in 10 seconds -> The light will flash yellow -> Default reset successful!

2. Basic installation and usage instructions

After resetting the default (the light is flashing yellow), follow the instructions below to connect to WiFi and basic operation:

3. Instructions for changing the light color

Instructions to change the light color are as follows:

That’s it, simple right? Wish you successful installation!!!

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