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Instructions for using the KX-C2W and KX-C4W Camera

KX-C2W and KX-C4W are two WiFi Camera product models launched by Kbvision in early April 2024. With many outstanding features, this will be the optimal choice to protect your family.

1. Instructions for resetting Camera password KX-C2W, KX-C4W

How to do it

  • Step 1: Plug in power to the Camera, then wait for the device to finish booting (about 1 minute)
  • Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release the reset button (still holding power)
  • Step 3: Wait about 1 minute, access the device’s default IP address ( to reset the new password.
2. WiFi connection instructions for KX-C2W, KX-C4W on KBView Plus application

Important note:

  • Cameta currently only supports the 2.4Ghz band (does not support 5Ghz yet)
  • Supports WiFi 5 and below
  • Need to reset Camera default before installation (status light flashing green)
3. Unbound Camera account on the KBVIEW Plus application

To delete the Camera account link on the KBVIEW Plus application, you can do it in 2 ways as follows:

  1. Unplug the Camera and take a photo of the SN stamp on the device to send information requesting unlinking to the place of purchase.
  2. Create a request to delete the account link directly on the KBVIEW Plus app as shown in the following video:

4. Activate the active siren alarm when viewing the Camera on the KBview Plus app

Manipulate as follows on the KBView Plus app:

5. Setup pushnotification, detect human and track motion on KX-C2W, KX-C4W

To activate push notifications alarms to your phone, activate person detection, and turn on motion tracking, do the following:

6. Setup SMD (Person Detection) and motion tracking on the Web browser

The KX-C2W and KX-C4W cameras currently only support Smart Person Detection (SMD) and do not yet support vehicle detection.

  • First, you need to enable the motion detection function, you can set the detection area and operating schedule. 

  • Next activate the SMD filter, which will rely on the Motion Detection above to filter out human shapes. Object tracking can be enabled upon detection as shown below.

Note: If Motion Detection is not enabled, SMD will not work either.

7. Setup IVS smart detection and motion tracking on the Web browser

Camera KX-C2W and KX-C4W currently support IVS smart alarm in 2 forms:

– Virtual fence (draw a line – when crossing the line, an alarm will sound)
– Restricted area (draw an area polygon – when entering/exiting the area, an alarm will sound)

  • First you need to enable IVS (SMD will not work)

  • The camera will restart

  • Follow the following instructions to set up IVS, you can draw fences, alarm areas, set operating times and track objects.

– Can create multiple IVS active at the same time
– Can select individual alarm tones for each IVS
– When SmartCode is enabled, IVS will not work

8. Turn on or off privacy mode on Camera KX-C2W, KX-C4W

To activate private mode, you need to add a Camera to the KBview Plus application and operate directly on the application.

9. Customize alarm sound on KX-C2W, KX-C4W

Instructions for customizing alarm sounds on the KBView Plus app

10. Setup points (preset) and call points on Camera KX-C2W, KX-C4W

To set points (Preset) on Camera KX-C2W, KX-C4W you need to access the web browser and operate as follows:

  • Instructions for calling points on a web browser:

  • Instructions for calling points  on the KBView Plus app:

11. Activate abnormal sound alarm
  • Operate as instructed below:

12. Format the memory card for the Camera
  • Operate as instructed below:

Specialized software used for KX-C2W and KX-C4W isKBView Plus, you can download it here:< /p>

When using KBView Plus, there will be 2 modes:

  • Local device: Only perform basic operations such as live viewing and video playback.
  • Devices in account: In addition to live viewing and playback, you can:
    • Receive alarm messages
    • Alarm configuration
    • Format memory card, backlight, …
    • Share device to another account.

Application DMSS Can connect and use all Camera functions similar to KBView Plus. However cannot perform initialization and WiFi settings for Camera.

When combined with a Dahua recorder, KBVision NVR or XVR (interface 4.0 + firmware released from 2020) can make calls to Camera tyhoong via the recorder. XVR old interface 3.0 can only listen to sound and control rotation (no conversation).