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Does continuous motion capture take up more space?

Are you wondering if continuous recording will increase storage capacity if you enable motion detection?
To answer the above question, let’s find out through this article.

Setting up test equipment

I will test on 2 Camera SD2A200-GN-AW-PV with the same parameters as follows:

  1. Firmware used: V2.810.100Z001.0.R. Release date: 2022-08-22
  2. Use Sandisk 32GB memory card
  3. H.265, CBR, 2048 birate recording

One camera only turns on continuous recording, the other camera turns on a combination of continuous and motion recording.

Test results

After 4 hours of operation (a lot of movement), the following results are obtained:

1. Enable continuous recording only:

2. Combination of continuous and motion recording

Acquired the same storage capacity:

Conclusion: When continuous recording is enabled, adding motion capture will not take up extra space. archive.

Thank you for reading this post!!!