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Backup Camera recording data directly on your computer with DiskManager

Backing up recording data is an important function in a surveillance camera system. However, how to backup the fastest, most effective? Let’s also find out through the following article.

In this article, I will guide you on how to backup data for Dahua, Imou devices.

1. Ways to backup recording data

There are many ways to backup recording data such as:

  • Use web browser
  • Use SmartPSS (Dahua, Imou)
  • Use DMSS (Dahua, Imou)
  • Use USB Direct Backup
  • ….

But there is a faster way than all of the above: “Use DiskManager” on PC. Now the backup speed will be equal to the read/write speed of your hard drive.

2. DiskManager User Manual

Wishing you a successful backup!!!