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Video tutorial for using Dahua Speedome Analog Camera

At present, Analog Camera is the most popular type of camera on the market. It uses a sequential ( Analogue ) signal to transmit the video signal. This signal is transmitted over coax cable or UTP cable to an analog recorder (DVR). At the recorder, the video signal is converted into a digitized form and stored on the hard drive. Now all Analog recorders can access camera data remotely via the internet.

In this article, I will show you how to set up basic functions on Analog Speedome Camera Dahua through detailed step-by-step video tutorials.

1. Change ADDR and see Baudrate parameter

2. Set score and call Preset score

3. Tour itinerary settings

4. Self-scan setting Scan between 2 edges

5. Auto Rotation Settings – Pan

6. Pattern rotation setting

7. Set to auto-run function when power on (Power Up)

8. Set Idle Motion to run automatically (Idle Motion)

The above is a compilation of videos of installing basic functions on Analog Speedome Cameras. Thank you for following the article, wish you successful installation!!!

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