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Summary of the list of KBONE devices that support SoftAP (WIFI AP)

In order to create favorable conditions in the process of using and consulting products for customers, today I will list general support devices. Support SoftAP function on KBONE products.
What is the SoftAP function? Find out through this article!

I. What is SoftAP (WIFI AP)?

Translated from English – SoftAP is an abbreviation for “software-enabled access point”. This is software that allows a computer that has not been specially built to become a router into a wireless access point. It is often used interchangeably with the term “virtual router”.

1. What is the structure and function of SoftAP?

It is possible to imagine the function of the AP as a switch and add a Wifi transmitter. Specifically:

  • SoftAP has the function of connecting different devices for easy communication.
  • Center for signal transmission, reception and broadcasting in WLAN.
  • Firewall and password protection is available to ensure the safety of connections from outside the network.
  • Connect wirelessly enabled devices to a local area network with wire
  • Can transmit wifi to other devices.

2. What is the working principle of SoftAP?

The wireless access point has a design and structure similar to a switch device (Switch). Due to the similar configuration, SoftAP’s wired-to-wireless conversion function is similar to the Switch. The principle of operation of SoftAP follows the bridging mechanism. Bridges connect 2 or more wired network segments to form a wireless connection.

II. KBONE Device List Support SoftAP

1KN-C20, KN-H20W
2KN-H21P, KN-H21PA, KN -H41P
3KN-2011WN, KN-B21
4 KN-B21F, KN-B21FL, KN-B41F, KN-B41FL, KN-B41A
9KN-S25F, KN- S45F
10KN-W104, KN-W108 (DVR)

III. KBONE Device List Not Supported SoftAP

9KN-2001WN, KN-4001WN, KN-B41
10KN2002WN, , KN- 4002WN

Thank you for following the article. The list was updated on August 19, 2021.

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