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Setting Siren Alarm via Alarm-out Port on Camera Dahua, Kbvision

For the purpose of assisting in setting up alarms when intrusion is detected, in this article I will show you how to set alarms through the Alarm-Out port on the Camera Dahua, Kbvision.

This guide applies to all Cameras that support removable alarms

1. Connect the alarm wire and siren

First connect the external power, siren to the Alarm-Out port according to the instructions as shown above.

Operation principle: When there is an alarm signal, the camera will close the Alarm-out circuit and supply power to the siren -> sound an alarm.


  • Alarm ports normally support 12V – 300mA max
  • Wire color may vary (see attached sticker)

2. Set up event alarm

There are many alarm events that can be associated with siren alarms such as:

  • Motion Detection
  • Smart Motion Detection (SMD)
  • Intrusion Detection (IVS): Virtual fences, restricted areas, objects forgettable, …
  • Face detection
  • Detects temperature, fire, fire, ..

These events set up similar siren alarm linkage. I will guide specifically how to set up an alarm using a virtual fence:

In there:

  1. Select Setting
  2. Select IVS
  3. Add a virtual fence, draw the fence and set alarm schedule
  4. Activate Relay-out, select corresponding alarm port for Alarm-out 1 and 2.
    Alarm Delay: Time to close the circuit for the buzzer to sound
  5. Save configuration settings

That’s it, good luck with your setup!