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Setting to send Alarm SMS on 4G Dahua Camera

In this article, I will show you how to set up automatic SMS when detecting an alarm on the Dahua 4G Camera. The camera will use the built-in 4G Sim to send messages.

This guide is applicable to models: IPC-HFW3241DF-AS-4G, IPC-HFW3441DF-AS-4G, IPC-HFW2431DG-4G-SP-LA-B, …

1. What events are alarmed SMS?

Alarmed send events include:

  • Motion Detection
  • SMD Plus Smart Motion Detection
  • IVS: Virtual Fence, restricted area
  • Loss of signal internet signal, IP address conflict
  • Memory storage error, …

2. Set up 4G signal connection from Sim

Currently Camera supports Micro Sim slot, please insert sim into the slot as below:

Then follow the instructions below to activate 4G connection for the Camera

The connection schedule can be set using Time Range:

3. Set up phone number to receive alarm messages

4. Set up sending motion alarm SMS

5. Set up sending SMS alarm IVS

6. Sample warning message

After completing the above steps, you will receive a warning message with the following content:

Good luck with your installation!

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