Fire Warning Settings on the Dahua DH-TPC-BF2241-T Camera

Fire detection is a fairly new function on Dahua’s specialized product lines, so in this article I will show you how to set up alarms. Active when detecting a fire on Camera model DH-TPC-BF2241-T. This guide also applies to some other Thermal products in the same segment.

Specific actions are as follows:

First activate the Fire Warning function: Step 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Step 5: Select an operating mode, where:
    • Anti-jamming: Detects suspected heat several times. The detection accuracy is higher, but the detection speed is lower.
    • High Response: Detects heat quickly, but the detection accuracy is lower.
  • Step 6, 7: Setting detection area and sensitivity.
  • Step 8: Set alarm schedule and interval between 2 alarms.
  • Step 9: Activate Alarm-out to alert the flash or the built-in siren.
  • Step 10: Activate the audible alarm (the siren is built into the camera).
  • Step 11: Activate the light alarm (the light is built into the camera).

Good luck with your installation!!!