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Tuya Smart Home Basic Introduction

Tuya is a platform smarthome open for use by multiple manufacturers. In the Tuya ecosystem, there are many items: infrared remote controls, light bulbs, air conditioners, smart sockets, smart switches, temperature sensors, people sensors, smoke sensors… Tuya is being used by many smarthome players in Vietnam. Recently I had the opportunity to use Tuya, so I summarize the information here for you to understand and buy easily.

I. How does Tuya work?

Tuya was born as a foundation, I read a few websites that say Tuya is a platform IoT  ;world’s largest globe but not sure if accurate or not.

Tuya will provide online services, servers, cloud services and necessary software, including mobile apps to control smarthome devices. OEM manufacturers simply integrate their hardware 

This is also how the Mi Home platform works. Not only smarthome products from Xiaomi but also companies that cooperate with Xiaomi, such as Yeelight, Philips or Robovac, can also work with other devices in the Mi Home ecosystem. Tuya works the same way.

Benefits for our brothers when using Tuya:

  • You can collect many products from many brands in your home
  • Control from a single app
  • Variety of prices, rich in appliances
  • It is possible to use equipment from one company to control another, to set up automatic activation mechanisms (for example, a sensor of company A, when it detects an open door, turns on its own light bulb) B)

II. What does App Tuya do, is there an automation setting? Fast or slow response?

  • App Tuya has almost all the features of the Xiaomi Mi Home app if any of you have ever used it. You will use a single app to link new devices to your house, divide rooms, divide houses, set up devices… For example, in the case of the S06 Mini Infrared Department, I will use the Tuya app. to set up infrared signals to use with air conditioners, fans, TVs… in your home.
  • The beauty of Tuya and Tuya’s products is that YOU ONLY USE 1 APP. Bye bye the time when each company had its own application. If you decide to invest in your home with Tuya furniture, remember to pay attention to the logo on the product box, it will write the icon of the Smart Life or Tuya Smart app (both these apps have similar features, the platform Behind is still Tuya, a bit dumb, it’s just an app).
  • Responsiveness from pressing the button on the phone until the device responds very quickly, like Xiaomi, Philips… and many other smarthome brands. Basically meeting everyone’s needs. I pressed the button on my phone and less than half a second later my air conditioner was on.

III. Linkable with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

  • This is something that modern smarthome systems must support, otherwise I would never buy it, especially in Vietnam with the Vietnamese virtual assistant Google Assistant. You can link your Tuya account with Google or Amazon, immediately the devices that you have set up in Tuya will run to Google. I haven’t tested many items, so I’m not sure if the compatibility is 100% or not, first of all, the S06 Mini infrared unit is compatible.
  • Update 2020: Google Home speakers are no longer in use. I can also speak Vietnamese.
  • I have learned from Xiaomi’s experience, although you can link your Mi Home account with Google Assistant, there are many devices that do not sync through, such as Xiaomi Philips bulbs, in when the Yeelight bulb is ok. Most definitely, you should still check on the box or product introduction website whether your device supports Google Assistant or not.
  • Do you know what the biggest benefit of linking to Google Assistant is? That is, you can use the Vietnamese voice to control the house, so that the adults and children living with you can also use your voice to turn on and off the TV, air conditioner, lights… But if only If you can speak English (Amazon, Apple), many people are excluded from the convenience of smarthome.

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