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Conveniences with the Google Home Smart Home model

Save your time, save your money by helping you manage and properly use energy and water, that’s the smart home solution Google Home. But more than that, the Google Home solution helps you even more. Let’s learn about Google Home in this article. 

1. What is Google Home?

  • Google Home is understood as a solution to control all electrical devices through a “magic” Google Home speaker. This speaker offers many outstanding features, as the name suggests smart home solution. You will control your home with your own voice.

2. Benefits that Google Home smart home brings to you and your family

Plays white noise as you fall asleep

  • If you prefer the sound of raindrops to the standard white noise, just say “Hey, Google, play the raindrops”. The speaker will then emit a continuous rain sound.
  • This rain sound usually lasts until you fall asleep, but if you want to make sure the speaker will turn off at one point in time. specified, then you just need to set the timer.

Call friends, relatives, colleagues… without having to use your hands

  • Google Home can help you make calls without holding the phone to anyone in your Google Contacts contacts. All you need to do is say “Hey Google, call…” and the speaker will dial that number on its own.
  • The Google Home speaker also has voice recognition, so if If you share this device with many others, it will know who is asking it to make a call. For example, if you ask the Google Home speaker to “call mom”, it will know who your mom is to call

Switch from day to night

  • The Google Home speaker’s night mode feature dims the lights and lowers its volume so you won’t wake the rest of your household. You can turn it on manually or set it to turn on at a certain time every day.

Control home electrical appliances with just your voice

  • The Google Home virtual assistant is compatible and can connect to over 5,000 different smart devices around the world. You can use them to control: lighting system, air conditioner, fan, security camera… by voice or setting context, schedule automatic turn on and off.

Entertainment anytime

  • You can have a more enjoyable experience on Chromecast, because Google smart speaker works great on Chromecast,  you can watch entertainment, movies and listen to music on the TV or the built-in mini speaker on the product.

Daily weather forecast for you

  • To get daily weather and traffic updates before leaving home for the best schedule, you just need to sync with your Google account, the Google Home Mini assistant will automatically Dynamically tracks your direction and schedule and gives you a reminder before you leave the house…
  • Also, you can also preset alarms, appointments arbitrary time.

A powerful assistant for your journey

  • If you are too busy with a tight schedule and you need a lot of time to memorize them and sometimes forget or miss the schedule, the virtual assistant right now is a great solution for you there, because she’s never wrong, she’ll send reminders, calls to remind you in advance and more, what you don’t expect is whenever Google Home is able to recognize your voice. 

Daily news updates for you

  • With the built-in Google Assistant smart application, this is truly an effective virtual assistant that is always by your side and appears every time you call, helping to update smartly and the situation on the internet. around the world at any time.
  • And now you just need to speak, Google Home will quickly look up information on everything from life, economy, finance, music to music. , sports, weather, traffic, weather to breaking news, etc. and read to you.

Family Sharing

  • With the Multi-User application sharing function, Google allows you to connect up to 6 people to the same Google Home product but with separate accounts to ensure user security .
  • With the world’s most advanced language processing technology, this product is fully capable of distinguishing each voice of each person in your home accurately to give feedback. the best.

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