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Build a Smart Home with Tuya Devices

Tuya Smart Device is known for its many outstanding advantages in the Smart Home – IoT market in Vietnam Currently. In particular, Tuya smart smart device has the advantages of low price, simple operation and use that other smart devices rarely or even cannot reach.

I. What is Tuya Smart?

Tuya hay Tuya smart is an IoT (Internet of Things) technology standard that is now popular in the world. Based on Tuya technology standards, manufacturers can create their own IoT technology products and control software.

Products of Tuya Smart technology includes all major electrical and household appliances, including remote light switch (Tuya smart switch), socket smart, mobile-controlled LED bulbs that can switch between a palette of 16 million colors, air purifiers that automatically adjust their settings depending on pollution levels, WIFI IP cameras, security cameras Security sends the host a notification when motion is detected…

Price of devices

The price of  Tuya smart home devices in the market depends on the manufacturer and the market segment they shape. But the mid- to low-range segment is the majority.

Simple example, because with only one Smart switch (Tuya smart switch), Wifi connection is completely owned by the end user, the price is below  500,000 VND. It is a bargain price that families and individuals have just bought to experience smart features or properly equip their home with a full system.

Tuya Smart Apps

  • Tuya Smart App on Google Play and Appstore currently has over 1 Million downloads. The download package size is 43MB, which is good for smartphones with low memory, does not require a lot of system resources.
  • In addition to Tuya Smart application, users can also download Smart Life application. or SmartZ PM to manage your devices system. With one account, you can manage multiple devices in different places without geo-restrictions.

II. Advantages of Tuya smart devices?

The Tuya smart products and devices have the following advantages:

  • Without the Hub, users can start using only 1 device.
  • All devices can work together regardless of manufacturer. output.
  • Tuya smart devices mainly use convenient Wifi connection.
  • Common use of 1 control and management application.
  • Status data, settings, contexts are stored on a smart cloud (Cloud) deployed Global deployment, using mainly Wifi connection allows you to control the device remotely anywhere there is an Internet (also Zigbee/Bluetooth/GPRS connection is available but very rare).
  • The ability to share quickly for multiple family users, an unlimited number of devices can be added on the same account registered on the Control App. In addition, data security is also ensured through a military-grade AES encryption system that includes strong symmetric encryption algorithms, dynamic key allocation, https encrypted channels, and virtual device access.

III. What can Tuya smart home ecosystem do?

Users can fully customize smart devices based on diverse practices to create unique applications. But in general there will be the following utilities that can be created:

  • Intelligent lighting control: the system requires a wireless smart switch, optional sensors, a smartphone to install the control application, and set up the context. Control on and off at home or remotely via the Internet for each individual light bulb or the whole system. Combining door sensors, motion sensors, .. To create scenarios such as when the homeowner opens the door, the living room lights are on, music is on, etc.
  • Create an entertainment system intelligence: The system requires wireless smart switch, infrared control center, smartphone to install context setting control application. Learn to remote and control remotely turn on and off multiple entertainment devices at the same time: TVs, speakers, digital receivers, disc players,…
  • Security Camera Solution: The system requires indoor or outdoor CCTV cameras, smartphones to install control applications, view cameras and receive security notifications. View at home or remotely Camera on top 1 Apps SmartZ PM, easily change camera angle, zoom, record-playback, get motion alerts, etc. no DDNS domain fees.
  • Theft Alarm Security System: The system requires SmartZ anti-theft alarms. Smartphone to install control application, set context and receive security alerts, alarm calls. Detect and quickly alarm on the spot, call, text to alarm phone numbers.

IV. Typical Tuya smart home devices

Due to the openness of the IoT Tuya platform, there are many manufacturers involved, but on the common side, users will encounter the following devices:

Smart Socket

The Tuya smart socket after connecting to your Tuya smart/Smart Life/SmartZ PM application. Simple connection setup and voice on/off control with Google Home. In addition, you can also schedule automatic on and off, create smart on and off contexts.

Smart Switch

The Tuya smart switch  is one of the first choices of most users. The following switch allows through Google Home to control the smart remote on and off. At the same time, it also supports creating automatic on-off contexts and automatic on-off timer.

Intelligent burglar alarm system

System smart burglar alarm helps you stay updated on your home security situation remotely. You can activate security protection mode with just one command thanks to Google Assistant or Google Home speaker.

Smart light bulb

The light bulbs allow smart remote control and connectivity: light on/off/color change/timer/brightness increase/decrease. Combine other devices to create an automatic context: open the lighted door,..


The above is a summary of how to build a smart home with Tuya, hope it helps you. Thank you for following this post!!!

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