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IPTV Solutions For Apartments, Hotels, Resorts

In this article, I will introduce you to a solution for customers who are hotels, apartments and resorts, who want to deploy IPTV systems. alternative to traditional TVs. Customers’ requirements for a stable system to use and flexibly switch between different IPTV service providers,…

I. Customer needs

Customers are hotels, apartments and resorts, and want to deploy IPTV systems to replace traditional TVs. Customer requirements for the system are as follows: 

  • Stable use and flexible switching between different IPTV service providers. 
  • Easy system expansion and upgrades later on. 
  • Can be used for Internet data transmission.

II. Model & solution

The solution to build network infrastructure with Volktek switches, serving IPTV and Internet data transmission, with the following advantages: 

  • The 802.1q VLAN technology is compatible with all current carriers, helping to ensure compatibility and flexibility in switching between IPTV service providers.
  • The IGMP feature helps to save bandwidth when transmitting IPTV data streams, reducing bandwidth requirements, thereby reducing equipment investment costs.
  • Features to help combine bandwidth of multiple transmissions such as: LACP, static trunk,… help ensure bandwidth for the service, maintain quality for IPTV images.- Volktek has an option diverse devices, suitable for each different target group, for example:

1. For small hotels use less than 22 Set Top Box

  • Use a Volktek NSH-3424 switch. The uplink from the network operator will be connected to the Switch using a converter.
  • On the NSH-3424 device, it will be configured to separate the Internet layer to connect to the main router, while the IPTV network layer will be used to connect to the network. Set Top Box devices.

2. For hotels and resorts under 44 Set Top Box

  • Use 2 Volktek NSH-3424 switches, connected in series.

3. For hotels and resorts over 50 Set Top Box

  • Need to equip with a central switch, Volktek MEN-5428, in order to increase transmission stability. The uplink from the network operator can be directly connected to the switch via optical SFP without a converter.
  • Use more subswitches Volktek NSH-3424, the number depends on actual needs ( each child switch can connect up to 23 Set Top Box).

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you choose a satisfactory solution!!!


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