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WiFi Marketing Solution For Restaurants and Hotels

Currently, there are more and more solutions to apply technology in advertising to bring images and messages from businesses closer to customers . With the explosive growth of the internet today, the number of people using wifi every day to access the network is a huge source of data that cannot be ignored. And Wifi Marketing is a useful solution to take advantage of this large data warehouse to communicate and advertise for businesses.

The following article will provide information about Wifi marketing solution for hotels: All you need to know

I. What is Wifi Marketing?

  • Wifi Marketing is a form of advertising through free wifi networks. By allowing users to use free high-speed wifi, but instead of having to enter a regular password, users will have to interact with ads before accessing the internet. 
  • Wifi Marketing can be deployed anywhere with free wifi network for users such as cafes, airports, restaurants, hotels… Users will have to interact to use free wifi by viewing images, Click on the message, watch a short clip or access via gmail, facebook or any social network account to share with more friends. The content that businesses want to convey to users can be store information, new products or ongoing promotions and offers…
  • Wifi Marketing solution for customers Hotels are considered the fastest way to bring product and service information to users, when they can immediately know the information when accessing that free WiFi network.

II. How Wifi Marketing works

1. By independent location

In independent locations, you just need to add a wifi marketing device between the network modem and the existing wifi system with the optimal ability to allow 40-70 people to access at the same time. Promotional content will be stored and configured directly on wifi marketing devices. 

  • Advantage: The device is small in size and easy to deploy. You can install it at your own convenience and in accordance with the design of the advertising location. At the same time, the effectiveness is high when promoting products.
  • Disadvantage: Only implemented in one location, usually applied to single business units, coffee shops, shops fast food restaurant,…

2. By string

Instead of 1 device, advertising will be conducted on many devices, managed collectively on 1 system, devices will be scatteredly installed in many different locations. With the installation model in series, the maximum number of visitors can be 250-300 people at the same time.

First, you need to install the wifi marketing device between the network modem and the available wifi system. The broadcast will be stored as a web page and configured on the device. Wifi marketing will link to that website when users visit.

  • Advantage: Can perform many locations in the same system. If the user wants to change the content, just change it on the website. This form is suitable for large-scale businesses, many branches or locations far apart such as airports, train stations, commercial centers, etc.
  • Disadvantage: Due to many points, implementation is more complex than the stand-alone form.

3. Current wifi marketing models

1. Public model

  • This is a form of organizations and businesses deploying free wifi in public places with high traffic volume, densely populated places such as parks, railway stations, hospitals. , bus stations, tourist spots,…
  • This model is usually suitable for investors who are state-owned enterprises, NGOs, etc. With this model, businesses will give allowing users in public places to use free high-speed wifi, thereby advertising and collecting money from sponsored brands.

2. Chain Model

  • This is a form suitable for business enterprises, owning chains of establishments such as restaurants, transaction points, offices such as banks, etc. Enterprises build a wifi marketing network with the purpose of increase experience, bring added value to customers, thereby promote your brand or message and enhance customer experience. 

3. Model at single point

  • This is a model suitable for restaurants, cafes, single hotels… With this model, the hotel will not have to spend time answering passwords for customers and customers also have You can receive offers and promotions right on your phone. In addition, hotels can increase revenue by advertising for other brands. 

4. Model at the event

  • This model is suitable for large events that brands organize to promote to customers participating in events or receiving customer opinions. The music dance competition Be U+ With Honda using wifi marketing technology has collected a lot of opinions from customers participating in the event and interacting on social networks on Facebook.

4. What forms does Wifi advertising include?

Forms of Wifi advertising include:

  • Require users to log in to view banner ads.
  • Require users to fill in business information to be exploited such as: Age, gender, job,,…
  • Ask users to visit your website.
  • Ask users to watch an introductory video.
  • Ask users to experience a Game-like experience. ), app.
  • Ask user to download app or Game.
  • Ask user to share on social media.

5. Why is wifi advertising an inevitable trend today?

The survey, collected information from the company Sixth Sense Media provided important figures:

  • Worldwide, people are increasingly dependent on technology and search functions before making purchasing decisions.
    • 91%  ;adults have access to smartphones 24/7.
    • $21 billion is the amount of money businesses spent on mobile advertising in 2012.< /li>
    • 9/10 mobile searches converted to customers.
    • 13% s advertisers are applying ads on Wifi Marketing at selected locations.
    • 30% advertisers are applying coupons on mobile.
    • 73% Customers use their phones to decide on shopping behavior at the store.
  • In Vietnam Nam, 69% Vietnamese people regularly access the internet every day, in which:
    • Nearly 40% shoppers use local Internet to view website.
    • Almost 50%&n bsp;shoppers look for vouchers, discount codes on the spot.
    • 46% shoppers immediately make a purchase after searching. the above information.

6. Benefits of Wifi Marketing solution for hotels

  • According to Hotel Charter, 98% of customers surveyed believe that wifi is an important part of hotel service. This shows that if the wifi system is well exploited, the hotel will have a great opportunity to understand its customers as well as get their contact information.

1. Wifi network speed is more stable

  • The devices of Wifi Marketing will all limit the bandwidth as well as the amount of time of each user. When the specified usage time expires, the user can continue to interact with the advertising interface to continue using wifi.

2. Create a professional customer experience 

  • When customers log in to wifi instead of having to enter a password, they will see an impressive login page, showing professionalism and integrity, creating an impression of the hotel brand to guests goods.

3. Hotel services convey to customers with just 1 click

  • Pop-up ads that appear when accessing the wifi system will include all the brief but most important information about the hotel’s brand and services for customers to quickly grasp best. At the same time, the hotel can add information about promotions, offers or services, new products,…
  • In addition, the hotel also cooperates with social networks such as Facebook. , Twitter or Instagram, asking users to share information about hotel services to continue using wifi. Thus, information about the hotel has been promoted more widely.

4. Attract customers to the hotel

  • Through the pop-up advertising process, hotels may collect information from customers. From there, the hotel can orient the group of customers that the hotel wants to promote and implement after-sales care programs. Hotels usually will not be able to hang banner ads at locations like other retail items, so advertising through the hotel’s wifi system will help attract customers in a more professional and impressive way.< /li>

5. Collect customer information to make the most accurate business decisions

  • With the Wifi Marketing system, the hotel can collect customer information such as email, phone, facebook information … to prepare for customer care activities, further promote services or do a re-marketing campaign later. In addition, data on customer information will help hotels better understand customers and make the right business decisions.
  • The above is all important information to apply. Use the most effective and optimal wifi marketing solution for hotels. For small and medium-sized hotels, to be able to use wifi marketing not only in advertising but also to improve revenue, the hotel needs a hotel management software that integrates wifi marketing.

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