[DAHUA] Ultra Series & Anti-Corrosion Series Long Range Thermal Monitoring Products

Long distance surveillance always lacks 24/24 monitoring facilities. These environments feature complex and low-light conditions, extreme weather conditions, and high maintenance and protection requirements.

Ultra series features lens continuous zoom options of both thermal and visible channels, which cover a wide range of distances. Laser illumination improves the night performance of the seen image, capturing more details from the distant target and environment.

Laser Range Finder helps users to get information about the target’s distance. The ability to classify people/vehicles/vessels meets the needs of various situations, greatly improving monitoring efficiency and reducing work intensity.

The hardware design of the emitter, smart wipers and lightning protection adapts to harsh environments to ensure long-term stability.

Corrosion resistant cameras can be used in coastal environments, helping to extend the life of the equipment and reduce overall costs.

1. Outstanding Features

  • PT8641B/C is equipped with multiple continuous zoom lenses to cover wide range indicators, protecting human belts up to 1.4km.
  • Projection. laser light: PT8641C Support 3km laser illumination; PT8641D Supports 800m laser illumination, which improves night vision performance.
  • Laser distance finder: measure target distance from optional distance, PT8641C with 3km LRF, PT8641D 1.5km LRF is available.
  • Optical anti-fog: improves image clarity on foggy days.
  • Optical image stabilization (OIS) ): keep the image stable unaffected by external force,PT8641B/C and PT8641D Support optional OIS lens.
  • Various AI features: tripwire/intrusion, Type analysis people/vehicles, boat detection (boat information division can be customized), meet different customer needs.
  • Heat generation (heat generation) and smoke detection: Dual spectral algorithms increase detection rate and multiple alarm filtering algorithms to reduce false alarms reflecting sunlight and moving heat sources.
  • Corrosion resistant PTZ camera, camera dome and ammo has different lens options for situations different.

2. Application Status

  • Borderline
  • Elevated city monitoring point
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Airports, railways
  • Protect Critical Infrastructure

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