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[DAHUA] Villa Wireless EACH 2 Kit

Recently, Dahua Vietnam has just announced the launch of a new video communication product EACH Series 2-wire Hybrid Villa Kit – 2-wire EACH Kit for villa is officially released.

The global market of analog video intercom systems still accounts for more than 60%. Different from the traditional analog products with limited functionality and poor video quality, we have developed a new system that integrates analog and IP signals, and will greatly enhance the user experience in the scenario. villa.

1. Product highlights

This KTX01 Kit has 4 system highlights and 4 functional highlights as follows:

System highlights:

  1. HD Video: The 2MP CMOS wide dynamic range camera provides better communication quality than traditional analog systems.
  2. Transmission Distance: The maximum distance of 200m from the Indoor Monitor to the Outdoor Station makes it possible for users to respond quickly in every corner of the house.
  3. Network Access: The indoor monitor can connect to the network quickly via Wi-Fi.
  4. Simple configuration: Plug & Play maximizes simplicity and previews without delay.
User Interface

Functional highlights:

  1. Digital Experience: User-friendly interfaces and tag-based metaphors divide content into blocks and help users communicate information effectively.
  2. Integrated CCTV: Support HDCVI camera, providing instant, low loss and reliable surveillance service.
  3. Alarm integration: Link wired alarm detectors to send timely alerts, thus keeping homes and buildings safe.
  4. Remote control: Intercom system, monitoring and remote opening 24/7 via DMSS mobile application.

2. Product information

For more detailed product information, you can contact Dahua Vietnam here.