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[DAHUA] What is DoLynk Care?

The brand new DoLynk Care Cloud Platform offers a confluent, cloud-based service system that allows you to manage on-site devices and enjoy a full range of services.

● Allows business expansion to increase revenue
● Offers simple process and convenient operation
● Saves time and improves efficiency
● Provides brand cooperation and flexible interaction to enhance customer loyalty

It’s a professional and reliable platform where you can manage your customers’ sites anytime, anywhere. When a device fails, you’ll receive a push notification immediately, allow-ing you to locate the issue and solve it remotely. Start using DoLynk Care now!

1. Features

Device Health Management

  • You can provide your customers with device health management service when managing their sites. When an error occurs, you will immediately receive a notification on your DoLynk Care web/app. The system will also help you do a quick troubleshooting by giving possible solution to every single issue.
  • Device health management has never been this simple and convenient. Errors will become tasks on your web dashboard and mobile app. DoLynk Care will guide you step by step to solve every issue that you encounter.

Remote Configuration

  • With DoLynk Care app, it is possible to realize on-site installation without always bringing a laptop with you.
  • You can log in to the device’s web page to do all of the configurations remotely through DoLynk Care web portal.
  • Various devices can be added in the platform and you can add or configure them by batch.

One-for-one Service

  • Every customer is entrusted to ONE operator, providing them with a stable and efficient service. You can also view the customer’s evaluation about the operator. Moreover, it is also possible to change the operator according to their work situation, the operator’s performance, the customer’s assessment, etc. You will get clear and visualized results of your employee’s performance and gain your customer’s trust and loyalty.


  • When your customer opens the DMSS app, your company logo will be displayed on the screen, which can help increase your company’s brand awareness.

2. Business Value

Notifications about device errors

DoLynk Care sends notifications about device errors to your web client/mobile phone in real time. The task window will always remind you if the problem is not resolved, making it impossible to miss any detail about the projects you installed. Clearly, you will know about the errors even before your customer notices them.

Simple interface, easy maintenance

Every button and icon in DoLynk products is well-designed to help you quickly and conveniently understand the platforms and different functions. DoLynk Care offers different statistics and diagrams for customers and serves as a helpful assistant rather than a mundane configuration tool.

More than just an installation

DoLynk Care is a bridge of communication and a management system for every single project you sell, from as little as a mini market to a large campus.

DoLynk Care has the location, the owner, operation info and the device info of your projects, organizing and protecting them for easier maintenance and to help you expand your business.

No server needed

DoLynk Care offers web client and mobile app. The web interface presents an intuitive platform, while the mobile app carries abundant functions that can complete basic configurations. No installation or update on the PC is required.

Just type in the link and start your journey with DoLynk. Your business can be effectively optimized in just 5 minutes.


• Easy to use interface
• Visual dashboard
• Error pop-up notification for malfunctioning devices
• Work task notifications
• Simple and clear troubleshooting process
• Multi-dimensional reports


One-stop management of sites and devices
• Device configuration in batches
• Receive error notification anytime, anywhere
• Better interaction with your customers
• Real-time notification

3. System Structure

4. Guaranteed Security and Reliability

● Based on the infrastructure developed by the world’s leading cloud computing provider (AWS).
● Strictly adhere to the highest standards and protocols in the industry.
● It has high privacy protection standards.

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