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Web management interface on Switch Dahua

In this article, I will summarize all screenshots of the management web interface on Switch Dahua, Kbvision. However, it is only supported on certain product lines, which you can refer to in this article.

1. Supported products

You can check the support information of the management Web interface on the product datasheet:

Some of the following models support the management Web interface:

  • PFSD216ET2-240D, PFS4218-16ET-190, PFS4218-16ET-240, LR2218-16ET-240, PFS4218-16ET-240
  • PFS4226-24ET-360, PFS4226-24ET- 240, PFSD224ET2-360D, LR2226-24ET-360

2. Management interface

Above is a snapshot of the entire management Web interface on the Switch. Hope it helps you.
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