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Alarm function and PTZ Control on Dahua SD2A Camera…

PT SD2Axxx Camera is a new Dahua product line launched in 2022. This is a low-cost Camera segment with many features. Highlights: Horn light alarm, rotation control, support for WiFi connection, SMD, IVS, … In this article, I will summarize the basic functions of this product dingf.

1. Product model and main function

PT SD2Axxx Dahua camera includes main models:

  • SD2A500-GN-A-PV, SD2A500-GN-A-PV-S2
  • SD2A200-GN-A-PV, SD2A200-GN-A-PV-S2
  • SD2A500-GN-AW-PV, SD2A500-GN-AW-PV-S2
  • SD2A200-GN-AW-PV, SD2A200-GN-AW-PV-S2

Main Functions:

  1. Two-Way Talk
  2. WiFi Connection Support (Model -W)
  3. Infrared Night Light Mode, White Light
  4. Intelligent Functions: IVS, SMD, Motion Detection
  5. Free Domain Support
  6. AutoRegister function support

2. IVS + SMD alarm function

3. PTZ control function

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