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New interface on Camera Kbvision KX-CAi2167ePN (vi)

Recently, Kbvision has launched the PTZ Camera line with a completely new user interface compared to before. In addition to the interface, the device has outstanding functions such as: Face detection, IVS smart function, virtual fence, …

1. Outstanding functions

PTZ Camera KX-CAi2167ePN has some outstanding functions as follows:

  • Intelligent motion detection (SMD) distinguishes between people and vehicles
  • Face detection
  • Intelligent function: Virtual fence, restricted area , intrusion detection, abandoned object, fast moving, parking detection, crowd gathering, missing object, wandering object.
  • Setting 9 picture states. by hour, month.
  • Defog anti-fog function
  • AutoRegister: Add device to remote DVR (no need for domain name, combined with supported DVR) )

2. Interface setting functions

The following is the interface to set up some functions taken from Camera KX-CAi2167ePN:

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