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Instructions for using the Dual Illuminators function on the Dahua Camera

Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators technology uses intelligent algorithms to detect targets accurately. Infrared illuminators usually turn on at night. When the Camera detects the target, the white LED will turn on and then the Camera will record full color video and information of the main events. When the target leaves the monitored area, the white LED turns off and the infrared illuminator turns on again, helping to reduce light pollution in the area.

1. Working principle

Intelligent Lighting (Default): Switch between IR illuminator and warm illuminator when a target is detected.

*** For HD CVI Camera, switching between IR illuminator and White Led is integrated with Perimeter Protection or SMD Plus by AI on XVR.

• IR Mode (Optional): Only the IR spotlight is ON. It is suitable for scenes that do not require additional warm lighting, greatly reducing light pollution.

• White Led Light Mode (Optional): Only white LED is ON. It is suitable for scenes that require color video footage.

Video demo function in action:

2. Enable Dual Illuminators on IP Camera

Follow the instructions as shown below:

3. Enable Dual Illuminators on CVI HD Camera

For HD CVI Dual Illuminators (Dual Light) Camera, you can set the light mode on Camera OSD menu. However, smart lighting mode needs to be combined with Ai – XVR video recorder to activate (XVR1B04-I, XVR1B08-I and XVR5xxx-I3 like XVR5104HS-I3, ….)

If you use with XVR without Ai function, Camera will work:

  • Intelligent Mode: No light on during the day (infrared + white LED), infrared light on at night.
  • Mode Infrared: No light during the day (infrared + white LED), infrared light at night.
  • White light mode (White LED): During the day, the lights are not turned on (infrared + white LEDs), at night the white LEDs are lit and the video is recorded in color.

When combined with Ai-XVR (XVR1B04-I, XVR1B08-I and XVR5xxx-I3 like XVR5104HS-I3, ….), you can turn on the white LED according to the event as shown below:

4. Enable Dual Illuminators on DMSS app

You can use the DMSS mobile app to adjust the light status. Note: It is recommended to update to the latest version of DMSS app to use.

A. Using DMSS to adjust the status of HD CVI LEDs through Ai – XVR recorder

B. Use DMSS to adjust LED status on IP Camera

For this method, you need to connect directly to the IP Camera for setup. As of November 2022, I have not found any NVR that supports configuring the light status of this device.

Good luck setting up your device!!!

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