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Introducing anti-backlight technology on Camera

In many cases, in areas affected by light including sunlight, electric lights, vehicles when the camera is installed, viewed from bright inside and out, then the resulting image is just black without being able to see people or objects clearly. This is the phenomenon of backlit in CCTV installation.

Cause of backlight

  • Camera’s sensor only receives preset lights and colors, so when the camera is placed in the dark and the camera is placed in a brighter area, flare will occur. That’s why when installing cameras we often have to pay attention to avoid placing the camera directly facing the light.
  • In addition, the lack of experience when installing CCTV cameras or installing other types of cameras. Cheap security cameras, not built-in anti-backlight feature on the camera is also a common cause.

What is anti-backlight technology?

The anti-backlight technology on the camera helps to redistribute the light to create a relative frame that can help viewers see the object clearly when it is backlit.

What is WDR technology?

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Anti-backlight based on light balance. WDR technology is capable of recognizing the light of each area for possible coordinate frame harmonization. WDR technology allows you to customize contrast according to the environment. This technology comes in two forms: DWDR (digital anti-backlight) and True-WDR (true anti-backlight).

What is DWDR technology?

DWRD (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) processing technology on a captured image and digitally retouching it. This light balance depends heavily on image processing, so the image quality after processing also stops at an acceptable level. This technology is different from True-WDR technology.

What is True-WDR technology?

True-WDR is a sensor-based light leveling feature directly on the camera chipset and processor. This technology uses the power of hardware to help balance the light better, the image is also more beautiful and clear than DWDR.

What is BLC technology?

BLC (Blacklight Compensation) – “exposure compensation”. In backlit conditions, the objects that need to be viewed inside will be invaded by the outside light and darken the subject. So BLC will help increase the light inside so that the objects to be viewed will light up (the outside image will be brighter)

What is HLC technology?

HLC (High Light Compensation) technology – “anti-glare”. In case it is necessary to observe external light environments, but the light is too strong, HLC will help reduce the brightness of that strong light, helping to observe the outside image (The scene inside will be dark).

Some ways to fix camera backlighting

To limit backlit situations when installing CCTV, we should note the following points:

  • Camera installation position and viewing angle: When we install the camera, if conditions allow, it is necessary to place the device in a position to avoid facing direct light. In case it is mandatory to install in such areas, the camera angle should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Choose a quality camera brand with built-in anti-backlight function.

The above are sharing about anti-backlight technology on security cameras. Currently, almost all cameras of popular brands on the market such as: Kbvision, Dahua, Hikvision, UNV, … are equipped with anti-backlight technology to help bring convenience to users and bring convenience. the best images, enhance the ability to monitor and monitor on camera.


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