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WiFi Solutions for schools

For schools from elementary to university, Wi-Fi has become indispensable for students and teachers alike. With the desire to give an overview of the installation and deployment of Wi-Fi networks for schools, in this article, I will introduce to you “Wi-Fi solutions for schools” school” so that schools can deploy a Wi-Fi system that suits their needs.

I. Need to be met

  • Provides a safe and stable network system to ensure teaching, data sharing, information exchange and common usage needs such as Web surfing, video calling, voice chat, entertainment…
  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi network is covered to the required areas.
  • Ensure the maximum interference with Wi-Fi waves. .
  • High security Wi-Fi network with multiple security methods supported.
  • Provides wired connection to classrooms, labs, camera systems.
  • The system is easy to install, easy to replace, easy to expand, and ensures the beauty of the construction area.

II. Model & solution

1. Detailed installation diagram

Install wall and ceiling access points in classrooms, campuses, libraries and other function rooms.

2. Benefits

  • Ceiling Accesspoint supports creating multiple SSIDs at the same time to help manage access: Accesspoint TOTOLINK supports creating multiple SSIDs to help users create different subnets to support management management as well as improving the security of the network.
  • VLAN support to make your network more stable: Accesspoint TOTOLINK supports VLANs along with various encryption modes to keep your wireless network safe without worrying about unauthorized access brings stability to the network.
  • Easy to install with cost savings: Using IEEE 802.3at/af Passsive PoE power standard saves installation and replacement costs.
  • Effectively centralized management: TOTOLINK ceiling accesspoint products are all centrally managed by separate software, making it easy for users to manage and repair change information when necessary.
  • Switch with many modes, meeting high security needs: Switch core supports many modes to help users control the network easily, providing a safe network environment and stable.

3. Recommended device

TypeModelDetailed descriptionNote
Ceiling APCA1200 – PoEAccess point AC standard ceiling speed 1200MbpsSupports 64 users, 1Gbps PoE port
CA750 – PoEAccess point AC standard ceiling speed 750MbpsSupport 128 users, VLAN tag increases security.
SwitchSG24D24 port 1Gbps switchSupport many separate use modes
SG16D16-port 1Gbps switch
SW504P100Mbps 5 Port PoE Switch1 uplink port + 4 PoE ports
SW1008P100Mbps 10 Port PoE Switch2 1Gbps uplink ports + 8 PoE ports

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