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WiFi Solution for Elevator Camera

With the development of more and more high-rise buildings such as apartments, hotels, schools. Security needs to protect high-rise buildings are very necessary, quick response and timely solutions for building protection are surveillance systems through cameras or CCTV. The security camera systems  will be installed anywhere within the entrance of the building. These camera systems will need to connect to the building’s core network. TOTOLINK provide to users “Wi-Fi solution for elevators” with the hope that users can deploy their own camera system.

I. Need analysis

To do this, the camera will be connected to the central switches. But for the camera placed in the elevator, if the network is wired, this problem will be a problem, because the elevator has to go up and down continuously, making the network wires go up and down and this will cause danger if the network wire got tangled somewhere in the elevator.

II. Solution Model

Based on survey​​​​​ actually, TOTOLINK offers the following installation model:

  • Transmission up to 100 floors.
  • Suitable for connecting cameras in elevators of high-rise buildings.
  • Suitable for general use type IP cameraa HD, 3M, 5M.
  • 24-month warranty solution.
  • Easy construction, cost-effective, high performance.

III. Recommended equipment

Typei ModelEstimated costNumber of devices
CPECP3003.260,000VND2 CP300 devices

IV. Benefits

  • The device includes 1 pair of products TOTOLINK CP300, which provides Wi-Fi transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps. Wi-Fi compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n supports channel 13 to avoid co-channel interference and ensure optimal performance between the two devices. The device is equipped with 12V-1A Passive PoE power and 2 isotropic antennas with gain of 12dBi to help the device achieve high transmit power and transmit distance up to 2.5km in an unobstructed environment. Actual test in 2.5km environment with throughput of 5.4Mbps.
  • Cameras in elevators are usually installed in ceiling dome form and have a resolution of 2M pixels (Full HD) or 3M pixcels, various types of cameras. This will require a signal stream with a bandwidth of about 4-8Mbps. Thus, 1 pair TOTOLINK CP300 with the best signal can meet the number of 10 3M pixcel IP cameras or 15 full HD IP cameras.
  • Design of  CP300  is a good heat-resistant plastic shell and supports IP65 water resistance, so in addition to the solution used to supply networks in elevators, CP300 also ensures Good solution for providing network for cameras in the street or providing solutions for shrimp farms, fish ponds and lakes, islands near the mainland that need network connection.

V. Summary

Product Specifications TOTOLINK CP300:

  • Conforms to IEEE 802.11n/g/b on the 2.4GHz band.
  • Up to 500 mw RF power.
  • 1 10/100Mbps RJ45 port .
  • 2 built-in 12dBi directional antennas.
  • Transmit distance up to 2.5km.
  • Supports passive PoE power supply.
  • Multiple APs, WDS, WPS, QoS.
  • Intelligent signal strength LED indicator.
  • IP65 waterproof standard.

So for the camera system installed in the elevator, the solution TOTOLINK CP300  is very suitable for re-networking a superior optimal network connection.

References: https://www.totolink. vn/

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