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WiFi Solution For Business

Wifi solutions for businesses helps business units build powerful computer networks. Accordingly, the network model has a smooth operation, serving well for users’ work. Especially, the internal data source is circulated quickly with optimal work performance. So how is the enterprise Wifi network solution built? We will find out together shortly.

1. Overview of the enterprise Wifi network system

Wifi solution for business aims to create a computer network model with strong access speed. In which the computer network system will be divided into wired network system and wireless network system (or Wifi). Up to the present time, the Wifi network system is very popularly used because of its fast access speed and convenience in the installation process.

  • According to computer experts, enterprise Wifi network systems often have stricter requirements than other computer network models. Inside this model must meet criteria such as: Stability, security and ready-to-boot feature. These will be the decisive factors for users’ reliability for scalability and ability to backup in case of system failure.
  • Overall, the network system Enterprise Wifi is built on a common model. Inside the system, there are  Router networking devices with outstanding features such as: Backup line, load balancing and VPN,… In addition, there is also a firewall device for use. limit the risks when the network system is attacked by hackers from the outside.
  • Going into every detail, enterprise computer network model also contains Core Switch and Access Switch systems. Two network systems take on the task of dividing the management of network wires connected to terminals such as: Cameras, laptops, desktops,…
  • Also the model is equipped with an Access Point system with the task of using Wifi waves to transmit to wirelessly connected devices. As well as Wi-Fi management devices (also known as Access Point Controllers).

2. Analysis of Wifi network installation requirements

  • In order to build a computer network with powerful processing and access speed, you need to conduct an analysis of the need to install a Wifi network. More specifically, businesses should base themselves on the number of users participating in using the computer network to select devices such as: Router, Firewall and Access Switch.
  • In addition, users also It is necessary to base on the survey ground drawing of Wifi coverage in each area. Based on that, you will come up with a specific calculation for the Wifi transmitter.
  • Take a typical example such as: A business needs to provide Wifi network coverage for an area with 20 guests. goods used at the same time. In which, the Wifi coverage area has an area of ​​150 square meters and the types of services that customers often use are: Watch high-definition videos,  watch online news and surf Facebook for entertainment.
  • Looking at it, you can come up with a solution design a network system for your business by: Installing network equipment that can bear the load for 30 customers working at the same time. common time frame. At this time, the computer network system will meet the stable criteria for Wifi network. As a result, network congestion, network lag or network drops will not occur.
  • Another example of a business wanting to install a Wifi system in the office area. At this time, the main users are company employees, management systems and some loyal customers. So the built solution is to install a Wifi system with a separation between the network for the customer and the network for the company’s internal network. By building a separate network, the business unit will ensure a high level of security for the data.
  • Particularly for businesses operating in the model of restaurants, hotels, The criterion that should be placed on top is the large load capacity. At the same time, it is capable of meeting the needs of many people at the same time. In addition, the Wifi network system must also be equipped with an integrated optimal bandwidth management feature.

Meeting the above standards well, the following TOTOLINK products are very suitable for business computer network model. Typical product lines include:

  • TOTOLINK CA1200-PoE: Fast product Up to 1200Mbps transmission rate with IEEE 902.11ac Wi-Fi compatibility. The device is also equipped with a LAN port and centralized management software Wireless LAN Controller. Comes with MU-MIMO technology for connecting 128 devices at the same time and features extremely high security encryption.
  • TOTOLINK CA750-PoE: The data transfer rate of the device reaches 300Mbps – 2.4GHz and 433Mbps – 5GHz. The product has 1 LAN port, 2 underground antennas and network management software with Wireless LAN Controller. Especially the device is capable of supporting 128 devices connected at the same time with ultra-wide Wifi coverage.

So by using TOTOLINK products, enterprises will be able to manage the Access Point system completely free of charge in a centralized manner. User needs are also maximized thanks to the device’s wide coverage. Combined with that is outstanding convenience thanks to automatic channel switching to avoid co-channel interference.

Especially, businesses can easily expand or reduce the cost of deploying computer networks. In case there is a need to divide multiple SSIDs, you can also proceed quickly with the corresponding policies.

III. Access Switch System

  • Based on the number of users using the network, you can design business network with corresponding Access Switches. The ideal suggestion for small and medium-sized businesses is the Unmanaged Switch product line equipped with 16 to 24 rack-supported ports.
  • Inside the computer network, it is necessary to install Camera, Access Point products use the same PoE source. In which the Camera must have a UP that supports the PoE 802.11af/at power standard. Access Point only needs to be equipped with PoE power supply device.

Based on the above mentioned standards, enterprises can install the following Access Switches that are suitable:

1. Standard Access Switches that fit TOTOLINK’s racks

  • TOTOLINK SG24: Products made from metal Compact design and elegant black color. Inside the device, there are 24 RJ45 ports with standard compatibility with IEEE 802.3/ IEEE 802.3ab,…  The product line supports IGMP Snooping, MTBF>= 5 years. Especially the device also supports Jumbo Frames up to 10 Bytes.
  • TOTOLINK SG24D: Made from luxurious metal materials, the device has a total of 24 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation ports. Above each port is also supported flow controller with powerful storage and forwarding capabilities. In addition, the device also features automatic MDI/MDIX connection and business computer network model.
  • TOTOLINK SG16D: The network splitter has a square, sturdy size thanks to high-quality metal materials. The product has a total of 16 RJ45 ports with IEEE 802.3 compatibility. The product line offers users easy extension of wired network.
  • TOTOLINK SG16: The device has a delicate, compact design that is convenient to install in many places. The outside of the product is covered with a black paint to prevent scratches and rust. The product line has a total of 16 RJ45 ports, supporting IGMP Snooping with fast data storage and switching. 802.3x connection standard for good traffic control.

2. How the TOTOLINK PoE Switch series is well compatible with network devices

  • TOTOLINK SW504P: Device with metal housing Covered with luxurious black paint outside. The product has a convenient design that can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall depending on the case. Above the product, there is 1 10/100Mbps uplink port and 4 10/100Mbps PoE ports. The connection standard of the device is IEEE 802.3at/af/x. In particular, the product is also integrated with a 1K MAC table for intelligent automatic address reading. The product line supports signal transmission distance up to 250m.
  • TOTOLINK SW1008P: The device has a rectangular shape with a neat size. This brings great convenience to the user. Above the product is equipped with 2 uplink ports and 8 PoE ports. At the same time, the product line also supports storage bandwidth up to 5.6Gbps and VLAN network system with high security. The most prominent is the set of buttons that extend the signal transmission distance up to 250m and the 16k MAC board that automatically reads the connection address. Accordingly, this is the number 1 choice when designing Wifi solutions for businesses.

IV. Make a solution to choose a router that can bear the load for businesses

  • After selecting the appropriate Access Switches, the next core step is to search for the corresponding Core Switch, Firewall line. These devices will help businesses manage hierarchy easier. The product also offers higher system security during use.
  • In other words, the important issue that you need to pay attention to is choosing the right type of router to serve your business needs. Karma. To do that, users need to have a solution to choose a router with a load-bearing capacity compatible with the computer network.
  • It is known that the load-bearing Router device plays a great role inside the network system. of the enterprise. Because the product holds an important function in the networking process of the business unit. That is the function that ensures a highly stable Internet connection. Thanks to the stability in the network connection, the operating efficiency of the business unit is also increased exponentially.
  • Currently, Routers are used for network models. business computers with built-in Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. This type of design ensures that the operation of the internet connection is always in  best state. Even when the system has many devices accessing it at the same time.
  • In addition to many other smart features, the Router can also help businesses apply VOIP system, Print Server. , VPN and virtual server,…  The device is usually equipped with 1 – 2 FXS ports to improve connectivity for computer networks.
  • The most special is the type. The router installed at the enterprise ensures high security for the computer network. Because inside the product is integrated a firewall system capable of preventing any illegal intrusion from the outside. Smart features also help users manage internal access more closely.
  • In addition, installing a router for businesses is also considered a cost-effective solution. document printing. The reason is because the router allows users to share the printer with each other and can be used as an alternative to the fax machine. As a result, intercity or international long distance rates are cut to the lowest. 
  • Usually each Router device has a different load capacity. Therefore, you need to base on the product’s specifications to make the right choice based on your needs. More specifically, the solution designing an enterprise network with the appropriate type of Router is built as follows:

1. Choose Gigabit Wifi

  • Gigabit Wifi is a term used to refer to routers with 802.11ac protocol. The product supports transfer rates up to 1.3Gbps for users. With strong transmission speed, the device highly meets the needs of business units. Where the network system is subject to a large number of users.

2. Choose a router equipped with multiple bands

  • For enterprise computer networks, suitable products for installation are routers equipped with dual-band or tri-band. In which, dual-band routers usually use 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. For 3-band Router, the equipped bands include 1 2.4GHz band and 2 5GHz bands.
  • Thanks to the diverse band system, the device is capable of data transmission. Faster and more stable than single-band router. This helps the enterprise network system to be less congested when there are many users accessing at the same time.

3. Use a Router with a wide broadcast range

  • Business units often have the need to build enterprise computer network models for many departments at the same time. It is important that the network is built to ensure a stable signal.
  • That’s why you must choose a router with a wide broadcast range. . This option ensures that the Wifi signal can cover the entire work area in the office and the nooks and crannies at the company. The product gives the ability to connect to more than 200 devices at the same time but still gives high transmission speed.

4. Install a Router equipped with many advanced features

  • Besides high speed and stability, the type of router used for businesses must ensure security. To do so, you must choose products that are equipped with many advanced features. Typically the built-in VPN server feature. This is a feature that provides a private network, ensuring high security by encrypting traffic.
  • Based on the selection of Enterprise Routers, you can use products products from big brands like Cisco, Juniper and Fortinet.

So with Wifi solution for business, users will be able to orient how to build a powerful computer network. In which, the most important thing is the selection of Access Switch and Router devices that meet the needs of the business unit. The product must ensure stability, security and fast transmission.

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