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How to install Camera in places where there is no Internet

When you need to monitor the construction site, bus, train,… or simply you want to monitor your garden but there is no such place. Internet or can’t install Internet, so how to solve that problem?
So in this article, I will give you simple ways to help you solve the above problems.

I. Some ways to install surveillance cameras in places without internet

  • Option 1: Use WIFI Camera and 4G WIFI router. For small observation areas, with a small number of cameras (about 3 cameras or less), you can use WIFI cameras in combination with 4G WIFI transmitters.
  • Option 2: Using system Surveillance camera with DVR and 4G transmitter .
  • Option 3: Using 3G/4G Camera

In which solution 2 is most suitable for everyone because it is the easiest and simplest to use.

II. Benefits of using a surveillance camera system with 4G video recorders and transmitters

  • Security and safety monitoring 24/24 at the site installation surveillance cameras.
  • Create a safe and secure working environment security, improve employee awareness, increase work efficiency.
  • Reduce criminal acts.
  • More affordable than hiring workers .
  • Ensure aesthetics and professionalism.
  • In addition to using 4G network for cameras (watch online surveillance cameras), also use network for other devices because the Modem has wifi broadcast (check email, submit reports, use the internet…).
  • Stability is very high because the network connection is only done on Modem and 4G USB.
  • Installing multiple connected cameras into a single recorder using only one 4G Sim, saving costs.
  • Recorder is only handled as installation where there is a regular Internet connection.

III. How to install the combined camera using the 4G WiFi Router HUAWEI B593

  • Products of 4G wifi router HUAWEI  B593 allows users to convert 4G waves into wifi waves to use for many personal devices. 4G wifi router HUAWEI B593  works almost like a regular wifi ADSL Modem but is more convenient when only one sim is needed. 4G of any carrier can be used.
  • Huawei B593 4G wifi router is one of the products integrated with the latest technology available today.
  • Support multiple devices connecting to wifi network at the same time.
  • Easy to use, plug and play.

Thank you for following the article. Wish you choose the right plan!!!

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