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The Optimal Solution for the Camera system – DrayTek Vigor2912

DrayTek Vigor2912 provides the optimal solution for surveillance camera system with a series of advanced features such as DrayDDNS, DNS Round Robin, VPN Host-to-LAN, …

1. Main function

  • 2 WAN plus bandwidth (IP / Session Based)
  • 40 Users, 30,000 NAT Sessions
  • DynDNS, No-IP, DrayDDNS
  • 93Mbps NAT Throughput
  • VLAN Tag, 2 network layers
  • Policy route, Static
  • VPN Trunk: Backup
  • 16 VPN channels, 8 Channel SSL
  • Bandwidth Management, Session and QoS
  • Firewall: IP,MAC,URL, Domains, Users, Web Content

2. DrayDDNS – Free Dynamic Domain Name

  • Each DrayTek device is provided with 01 domain name for free
  • Each MyVigor account can manage 500 DrayTek devices
  • When 1 year is almost expired, the system will send a reminder email
  • Easy to reactivate (1 year extension) by going to MyVigor and clicking “Active”


  • Replace Provincial IP for remote camera viewing
  • Fast and stable update
  • Absolutely free
  • 12 months new active once
  • Developed and provided by DrayTek

3. DNS Round Robin – Split load on 2 Wans with a single domain

  • When the Camera system has many viewers, it is easy to be overloaded even though it has rented 2 internet lines, but because the domain name only updates the IP of 1 WAN
  • With Round Robin, DrayDDNS allows updating 2 IPs of 2 internet lines at the same time and in turn directing camera viewers on 2 WANs


  • Replace multiple provincial IPs for remote camera viewing
  • Just remember a single domain name instead of having to remember multiple WAN IPs
  • Easy to deploy and install for many people
  • Applications in kindergartens, schools, etc. places where many people need to view the camera remotely at the same time

4. High NAT sessions: 30,000 with 2 network layers. Stable operation

  • With 2 separate network layers (one for LAN, one for recorder) will help separate Camera system and internal LAN
  • Increasing security due to Camera and Internal Lan different sets of network layers


  • Easy to manage and secure by using 2 completely private network layers
  • Easily configure QoS (preferred) for internet or Camera if internet bandwidth is running out
  • Deployment for large camera systems up to 64 ip cameras

5. VPN Host-to-LAN – Easy Management and Enhanced Security

  • When needing to reconfigure the recorder or IP cameras, the administrator can make a VPN connection to Vigor2912 and easily access it with the LAN IP of the recorder, IP camera without NAT port more.


  • Easily connect and configure the camera system remotely like at customer’s home via VPN (Host-to-Lan) channel
  • Easy to reconfigure all IP cameras without NAT port for all
  • Remote customer troubleshooting without on-site

Thank you for following this post!! Hope this article will help you choose how to build a Camera system that meets your needs!!!


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