With the goal of better customer support in the process of using CCTV APP’s products and services. We would like to introduce a set of documents, videos on how to use and basic repair. In addition, customers can contact directly via phone number: 0898.312.383 for the fastest response or the Facebook chat icon in the lower right corner of the Webside.
It’s our pleasure to serve you!!!

I. Installation Guide & connect

  • Compilation of videos on how to connect to WiFi and use KB.ONE, IMOU Cameras on mobile phones.
  • Please click on the video link to see step-by-step details. connect and use.

Note: Currently all WiFi Camera devices on the market only support 2.4GHz WiFi. So if customer can’t connect to their home WiFi, please check the WiFi band again according to the instructions here. Or you can temporarily turn off WiFi and then use an intermediate 3G emitting phone to install (same name and password of your home WiFi).

NumContentsLink video
1Instructions for connecting WiFi for Camera KN-H21W-DUpdating
2Instructions for connecting WiFi for Camera KN-H21P-DUpdating
3Instructions for connecting to WiFi for Camera KN-B21F-DUpdating
4WiFi connection guide for Camera KN-H41PUpdating
5Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera KN-B41A1Updating
6Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera KN-S25FUpdating
7Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera KN-S45FUpdating
8Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-C22EP-DUpdating
9Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-A22EP-DUpdating
10Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-A42EP-DUpdating
11Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-F22P-DUpdating
12Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-F42FPUpdating
13Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-S22FPUpdating
14Wi-Fi connection guide for Camera IPC-S42FP-DUpdating

II. Instructions for Reset device password

  • Instructions for hard resetting the password of Camera devices IMOU, KB.ONE, Kbvision, Dahua and Hikvision.
  • Detailed instructions for each device model, easy and simple operation
  • Click here for details on how to hard reset device password. Note: After Hard Reset, the device will return to factory default state, will lose all previous settings configuration.
  • After hard reset, you need to erase the device from KBONE/ Imou Life account and then reinstall. If you want to unlink Camera from your account, please contact CCTV APP and send a photo of the stamp containing the Serial Number on the device, the unlinking time is about 30 minutes (will try to be the fastest). maybe).

III. Software User Manual

IV. Firmware Update List

  • Click here to download the latest Firmware updates for Security Cameras.
  • Upgrade recommended. provided when the Firmware is newer than the current version. It is not recommended to upgrade to an older version.
  • For KB.ONE/IMOU Camera, you can update the new Firmware directly on the KBONE and Imou Life software interface.
  • For extra safety, you can contact CCTV APP to find out Firmware compatibility before upgrading.

Note: Need to update the correct Firmware for each device. Absolutely do not upgrade the wrong Firmware, need to keep the transmission signal and power stable during the upgrade process. CCTV APP will not be responsible when your device does not work if you arbitrarily upgrade out of control.

V. Contact & Support

For more information please contact:

Thank you for trusting and using CCTV APP’s service. It is our pleasure to serve you!!!