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List of Dahua NVR Recorders support Config Dual Illuminator from Camera

Technology Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators uses intelligent algorithms to accurately detect targets. Infrared illuminators are usually on at night. When the Camera detects a target, the white LED will turn on and the Camera will then record full color video and information of key events. When the target leaves the monitored area, the white LED will turn off and the infrared illuminator will turn back on, helping to reduce light pollution in the area.

• Smart Lighting (Default default): Switches between Infrared illuminator and warm illuminator when target is detected.

• IR mode (Optional ): Only the IR spotlight is ON. It is suitable for scenes that do not require additional warm lighting, significantly reducing light pollution.

• White Led light mode (Optional): Only the white LED is ON. It is suitable for scenes that require color video footage.

Currently, when using Camera Dual Illuminator (Dual Light Camera) combined with a new generation NVR recorder, you can directly adjust the Camera’s operating light status on the DMSS via Recoder.

Because of limited conditions, I have actually tested on the following Camera and recorder models:

  • Camera: DH-P5AE-PV. Firmware: 2023-11-23
  • Video recorder products:
STTDevice FirmwareSupportedsupportNot supported
1NVR1xxx-S3 12021-07-10x< /td>
4NVR4x-EI 42023-12-15x
5NVR4x-4KS352023-10 -19x
In which, specifically: