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[Video] Instructions for initializing and adding Dahua Camera to Recorder from A-Z

In this article, I will guide you how to install, initialize connection and add Dahua IP Camera to Dahua video recorder. This is a basic installation guide when installing a new Camera system.

Sample device implemented in the guide:

  • Camera: IPC-HDBW2841R-ZS
  • Video recorder: NVR4116HS-4KS3
  • POE Switch: PFS3006-4ET-36
  • Software used: ConfigTool V5.000

In this tutorial I use a POE Switch, so just run the network cable directly from the Switch to the Camera, the Switch will provide its own power and Internet signal.

If you use a regular Internet Switch (Non-POE), you need to attach an additional power source to the Camera.

First, install the hard drive into the video recorder as instructed below:

Next connect the network cable for the Camera to the POE Switch as shown below. When using POE, you do not need to supply separate power to the camera.

After installation and power supply, wait 2 minutes for the recorder and camera to start up. Then proceed with the initialization and installation as shown in the following video: