Handling blur error on XVR1B04-I, XVR1B08-I, KX-7104Ai, KX-7108Ai recorders

On some new Dahua and Kbvision brand HD Analog video recorders today, if you find that the image obtained from the Camera is blurred, not as clear as before. , follow this article with me to fix the problem.

1. Applicable model

This situation is caused by the new generation of DVRs that use the Ai-Coding compression standard. This encoding uses a rather low bitrate to transmit images. So for environments with a lot of movement, the birate will not be enough to provide a clear image.

Applicable Model:

  • Dahua: XVR1B04-I, XVR1B08-I, XVR5104HS-I3, XVR5108HS-I3, …
  • Kbvison: KX-7104Ai, KX-7108Ai, KX-DAi8104H3, KX- DAI8108H3, …

2. How to fix

To overcome this situation, you can contact the distributor to update the new Firmware for better support, or you can reset the encryption parameters to a higher level as follows:

3. Results

After adjusting the parameters, you will get the following image quality:

Thanks for watching!

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