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What is NTP? The importance of NTP in surveillance cameras

1. How does NTP work?

NTP is a software algorithm that keeps internet-connected technology devices in sync with each other.

  • This algorithm works well when given a single and reliable source of time.
  • NTP’s ability to sync across devices is very efficient, syncing in just a few milliseconds (about 1/1000s).
  • So far, NTP Server is the oldest internet protocol that is still in use. The application was born before 1985 and was designed by Dave Mills, of the University of Delaware.
  • NTP uses the Marzullo algorithm that can ensure accuracy in about 10mm seconds on devices using public networks. Up to 200 microseconds under ideal local area network conditions.

2. What is NTP Server?

NTP Server is an internet protocol. Also known as time server. It has the function of synchronizing computer system time based on packet switched data network, with variable delay.

This protocol uses Jitter buffering, which is set up to avoid the effects of time variation delay. In a public NTP service project, the NTP Server is also referred to as a piece of software.

  • NTP time servers use time signals derived from UTC (global time based on atomic clock time). As a result, the NTP Server can impact and synchronize the entire network at the same time for millions of millions of computers and electronic devices around the world.
  • Receiving time signals. from the server in many different ways such as: through the global internet, transmission frequency, time in each country, etc. When the signals are transmitted, the time server will check the authenticity of each signal, assess accuracy. Then distribute those signals in the network.

3. The importance of NTP in Surveillance Camera

In the surveillance camera system, it plays an important role, NTP will help you:

  • Synchronize the time between the Camera and the DVR to the same time, avoiding the case that the recording data shows the wrong date and time.
  • On some IP Cameras such as Imou, Ezviz does not have a built-in CMOS battery for storing time, so NTP will synchronize the device time to the correct current.
  • When the CMOS battery on the device is exhausted, the time will not be saved. when the power goes out, so NTP will keep you up to date with your device’s time.

4. NTP server information

Currently there are many NTP servers that are free to use, I will introduce you to information about 2 popular NTP servers:

  • Server Address:
  • NTP Port: 123
  • Server Address:
  • NTP Port: 123

NTP setting interface on Hilook Camera:

NTP settings interface on Dahua Camera:

NTP setting interface on UNView Camera:

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