Get RTSP link on Camera Tapo

In this article, I will show you how to get the RTSP link on Camera Tapo. By default, the Onvif account will not be created and the RTSP link will not work. You need to create an Onvif account first to use it.

1. View Tapo Camera IP Address

First, you need to determine the correct IP address of the TPLink Tapo Camera by opening the Tapo app on your phone and doing the following:

2. Create an Onvif account

By default, Onvif account will not be activated, you need to create an Onvif account on Tapo app:

3. Get Link RTSP

After creating an Onvif account for Camera, you can use Onvif Device Manager software to search for the device and get the Video RTSP Link:

Link RTSP has the format:

rtsp://<ip>:<port>/stream1 (Mainstream)
rtsp://<ip>:<port>/stream2 ( Substream)

In particular:

<ip> – Device IP address

<port> – RTSP Port (Default 554)

For example like the image above: rtsp://  will stream the main stream (Mainstream) on Camera.

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