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Difference between 2M-N (Lite) and 2MP (Full) resolution?

What is 2M-N (Lite) resolution? How is it different from 2MP (Full) resolution? Let’s also find out the answer in this article.

As the picture above, you can clearly see, the 2M-N (1080N) resolution is shorter in length, otherwise the image will be squeezed. Specifically, 2M-N resolution is: 1080 x 960, 2MP resolution is: 1920 x 1080. So with the naked eye you can see this difference.

How do I know what resolution my DVR supports?

Detailed information, displayed on the datasheet of the product, specifically as follows:

Does the hard drive space differ?

Since the 2 resolutions have different number of pixels, during storage you can adjust the different birate parameter as follows:

STT2M-N (1080N)2MP (1080P)
Birate (H.265 )1024 Kbps1536 Kbps
(1 Day)
* Note: Birate parameters as above table are for reference only, you can increase/decrease the Birate according to your needs.

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