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[DAHUA] Good news – PT Camera SD2A Product Series Supports Smart Tracking

Good news has come at the end of 2022, recently Dahua has officially released a new firmware version that supports smart tracking function (Smart-tracking) on SD2A series PT Cameras. With this new feature, you can monitor any intrusion in more detail.

This function is supported on the following models:

  • DH-SD2A500-GN-AW-PV
  • DH-SD2A200-GN-AW-PV
  • DH-SD2A200-GN-A-PV
  • DH-SD2A500-GN-A-PV
  • DH-SD2A500HB-GN-AW-PV-S2
  • DH-SD2A200HB-GN-AW-PV-S2
  • DH-SD2A200HB-GN-A-PV-S2
  • DH-SD2A500HB-GN-A-PV-S2

1. Support events

Smart-tracking function supports linking on events:

  1. Intelligent Motion Detection (SMD)
  2. IVS (virtual fence, restricted area). With IVS does not support filtering by people, vehicles.

2. How to update Firmware

Firmware version supporting smart tracking function (Smart-tracking) was released in December 2022. So you need to upgrade to this version to use.

You can contact your product distributor or Dahua Vietnam for support to update to the latest version.

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