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[DAHUA] Product Introduction of Camera PTZ SD8C

SD8C series includes a high-end speed dome family powered by the latest technology, the most powerful hardware architecture and Attractive new design. They are products that are developed based on the previous models for SD10A and SD8A820WA.

All products are designed to contribute to providing sharp monitoring in extreme low light situations and top-level security protection, aimed at effectively stopping threats or prevent suspicious behavior.

1. Product Specifications

2. Product selection

3. Outstanding Features

  • Polar Light technology enhances visibility in extreme low light
  • 1/1.2” CMOS sensor captures more light for visibility full-color monitoring
  • Dual-light hybrid illumination enables 24-hour Full-color monitoring
  • Large optical zoom realizes more than 1km clear long-range monitoring
  • 2/4/8 megapixel resolution provides sharp images and vivid video
  • Easy installation structure, quick installation by one people, saving labor costs

4. Application scenario

  • At the airport: take-off area, perimeter, pick-up station
  • At the train station: beltway, along the railway
  • At the port sea: mast, mooring, belt, warehouse 
  • At urban roads and traffic: country roads, highways, license plate capture
  • At parking: license plates, entrances, vehicles

For more detailed product information, you can contact Dahua Vietnam here.

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