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How to change lens for Camera

If you want your Camera to see farther and clearer, think about the lens replacement solution. Changing lenses is very simple, you can do it manually at home.

1. Which lens should I choose?

  • Camera lenses are very diverse, there are many types such as: 1.8mm, 2.8mm 3.6mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm.
  • The larger the lens, the smaller the viewing angle. , look further
  • You can find lenses in Camera accessory stores or on e-commerce platforms.

The following picture shows the camera view with different lenses:

Relation between focal length and viewing angle of CCTV

2. Instructions for changing lenses for Camera

To change the lens, disassemble the entire Camera. The lens part is mounted on the main, please rotate it counterclockwise (like opening a bottle cap) to remove and replace).

After replacing the lens if the image is blurry, rotate the lens in-out to focus. You will get the following result:

  • Prior to replacement, IPC-HFW1230SP-S5 uses a 3.6mm lens.
  • After replace the IPC-HFW1230SP-S5 lens to 8mm.

The above is the difference before and after changing lenses.
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