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Face Recognition on NVR Ai with normal IP Camera

In this article, I will show you how to install face recognition on Dahua’s Ai NVR using any regular Camera.

1. Supported devices

A. Recorder

This guide applies to all Dahua Ai NVR products such as:

  • NVR2104HS-I, NVR2108HS-I, NVR2116HS-I, NVR2104HS-I2, NVR2108HS-I2, NVR2116HS-I2
  • NVR2108HS-8P-I2, NVR2104HS-P-I2, NVR2116HS- I2, NVR2108-8P-I2, NVR2104-P-I2, NVR2104-P-I2, NVR2108-I2, NVR2104-I2
  • NVR4432-4KS2/I, NVR4432-4KS2/I, NVR4416-16P- 4KS2/I, NVR4416-4KS2/I, NVR4832-16P-4KS2/I, NVR4832-16P-4KS2/I, NVR4816-16P-4KS2/I, NVR4816-16P-4KS2/I
  • NVR5216- 8P-I/L, NVR5216-8P-I/L, NVR5432-16P-I/L
  • Product Line: NVR6-XI, IVSS
  • …..

B. Camera

You can use any normal IP Camera, no limitation on model, manufacturer. As long as the device is successfully added and the image is displayed on the NVR.

Supports up to 6MP resolution (or 2MP depending on NVR model).

Support connection standards: Private (Dahua IPC device), Onvif, RTSP, …

2. Configure face detection

In this tutorial, I will use the NVR2108HS-I recorder in combination with the WiFi Camera IMOU IPC-F22FP.

Follow the instructions step by step to perform the configuration:

A. Create face database

B. Setting Face Recognition parameters

Note: The same applies to Kbvision’s Ai NVR.

Thanks for following this post!!!

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