Recover Camera recording data on hard drive

In this article, I will show you how to recover the recording data on the Camera hard drive if you accidentally deleted or formatted the hard drive.

1. Download HX-Recovery

HX-Recovery is a specialized software to help recover data from recorders, DVR, XVR, NVR surveillance camera recording devices. Helps restore surveillance camera images and videos when formatting, deleting data by mistake.

Download HX-Recovery: here. After downloading, just extract and use (no need to install).

Note: This is paid software, not free.

2. Supported DVR device

Software that supports recovery of recording data on devices:

  • DHFS(DAHUA DVR ),RSFS(raysharp),WFS {WFS 0.1/ WFS 0.2 / WFS 0.3/ WFS0.4}
  • Hikvision,ZHILING,FS3.2,KSF,JF ,Keeper, MCG,VVF,HYAV,Avtech,kouoer,Hisome,IFV
  • D-max,Eagle,HBGK,BL_WAPE,Jovision,Juanvison,Tiandy,TianMin,TDFS,ZENO,IDIS,Jemsay,< /li>
  • icatch,iVenaydr,STREAMING,SWANN,TP-Link,Zhongl_dun,ZView,BlueSky,KSF_Dc,Uware,FHDRH
  • Acegear,Common,Novus,Tango,JVS_SV7,Uware8K,Lorex, QVFS,WFS0.5,WFS_EXT1,SD-MDVR,DHFSUCLINUX etc…

3. Instructions for implementation

Step-by-step procedure as follows to restore recording data:

4. Step by step video

Wishing you a successful data recovery!!!

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