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Troubleshooting “Over decode ability” on Dahua, Kbvision recorders

“Exceed decoding capacity” is a fairly common error when you add a different brand camera to your Dahua, Kbvision video recorder. So what is the cause of the problem and how to deal with it? Let’s learn this article to find out how to fix it in detail.

1. What causes the “Decryption Exceeded” error?

The main cause of this error is that the video recorder hardware is not capable of decoding the images sent from the Camera. Each recorder is capable of decoding different number of channels and resolutions.

Example of the following image:

  • If you use 4MP Camera (20FPS), the device will display 2 channels of 4MP quality (main stream).
  • If all 4 channels of 4MP (20FPS) are connected, the device The device will display the first 2 channels, the following 2 channels will give an error: “Exceeds decoding capacity”. Then the recorder will use substream – substream (D1) to display 4 cameras on TV.

See more video decoding capabilities: -> Click here!

2. How to fix

Check the following for error handling:

  1. Check if the camera has substream enabled. This substream is used when you let hieernt display multiple frames on the TV.
  2. If using the RTSP protocol, make sure to enter the correct RTSP link structure for the main stream and the stream. extra. See sample RTSP link structure for some popular Camera lines -> here!
  3. You can download the Onvif Device Manager (ODM) software to find the Camera main- and secondary-stream RTSP structure.
  4. Camera Guarantee has support for both main thread and sub thread.

Good luck with your installation!!!