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What’s XVR, NVR, DVR, HVR?

Today on the surveillance camera market there are many recording devices such as: XVR, DVR, NVR,…. what does it mean? Let’s find out its thoughts through the following article.

1. What is XVR?

  • XVR is the most modern and optimal camera recorder available today. The recorder is integrated for all types of CCTV cameras today: IP, Analogue, HD-CVI, AHD, TVI,.. ensuring high image quality.

2. What is a DVR?

  • DVR is an acronym for Digital Video Recorder. This is a type of video recorder for analog cameras. Because it can only output signals received from Analog cameras.
  • The advantage of a DVR is that it can use a mixture of different types of analog cameras without requiring it. compatibility. Besides, this DVR can record up to 4 to 32 channels with recording standards: 960H, full D1, D1, 2CIF, CIF.
  • In addition to us, the DVR type. has a long recording time, better recording quality and fully automatic recording mode. Using a DVR helps to access faster and can observe and record locally or remotely via the Internet.

3. What is NVR?

  • If it comes to the most suitable type of recorder for IP cameras, it can only be NVR (Network Video Recorder). This type of DVR was born based on the foundational technology of IP cameras. Therefore, NVR seems to only be able to work with IP cameras.
  • NVR recorders are integrated with many advanced functions, such as the ability to record HD videos when motion is present, etc. Currently, the recording quality of the NVR is Full HD 720P and 1080P.
  • With the foundation technology of IP camera production, the product needs to be highly compatible, so the recorder NVR cannot be used cross-brand camera like DVR. If you want to use it, it requires that the camera line have the same standard mode of image communication. To diversify the use of this model, manufacturers are now applying ONVIF technology to this product. IP cameras with ONVIF standard will be connected to ONVIF-compliant IP recorders.

4. What is HVR?

  • HVR (Hyber Video Recorder) This hybrid video recorder can be used for both analog and IP cameras. The connection port of the HVR recorder is equipped with a network port to connect to IP cameras and a port to connect to Analog cameras. This type of camcorder allows recording from 960H to HD.
  • However, the function of this type of recorder is still limited, if your cameta models are not uniform. resolution, you can only choose to display either IP camera, or analog on the interface.

5. What is PC Base?

  • This is a type of video recording device where the computer is used as the central processing unit. With PC Base, the camera is connected to the computer via the image conversion card wire. At the same time, the computer will have to install a software to record, store and view camera images via the computer.
  • The advantage of this type of recording device is its high stability, high performance, and high stability. Operates in large-scale monitoring systems and is usually located in the Server room or places with humidity and temperature conditions.

6. What is HD-SDI DVR?

  • HD-SDI is a type of recorder in HD: 720P-1080P and only used for cameras HD-SDI. Interface of HD-SDI recorders use the connection standard of common analog cameras.

7. What is an HD-TVI recorder?

  • This type of recorder is only used for conventional HD-TVI and analog cameras, allowing 720P and 1080P HD video recording. The communication port uses the connection standard of common analog cameras. The recorder transmits signals according to HD-TVI standards, so the cable distance is quite long, up to 300m

The above are the basic concepts of current recording equipment. Thank you for following the article!

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