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Thiết bị IMOU nào hỗ trợ HDR và Fast Playback?

Hello everyone, in order to facilitate the installation and use of IMOU products, I have compiled models that support the HDR function. (clarifies images of highlights and shadows) and Fast Playback function.

Note: Only supports on certain models. To use this function depends on both the software version IMOU Life and the Firmware version of the device

I. IMOU Life App Versions

1. On Android devices

  • Current Version: 5.7.2
  • Size: 98M
  • Android required: 5.0 or later
  • Updated: July 12, 2021

1. On an IPhone (iOS) device

  • Current version: 5.7.2
  • Size: 205.8 MB
  • Need with iOS: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Updated: July 13, 2021

II. List of devices that support HDR

1IPC-A22EAfter V2.680.0000000.11.R.210624
2IPC-C22EAfter V2.680.0000000.11.R.210624
3IPC-F22After V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
4IPC-F22FAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
5IPC-F22FEAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
6IPC-C22CPAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
7IPC-C22SPAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
8IPC-C22EP-AAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
9IPC-A22EP-AAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520
10IPC-S22FPAfter V2.680.0000000.17.R.210520

III. List of devices that support Fast Playback

1IPC-G22PAfter V2.680.0000000.22.R.20102
2IPC-D22PAfter V2.680.0000000.22.R.20102
3IPC-G26EP(Not Sure)After V2.680.0000000.22.R.20102
4IPC-K22PAfter V2.800.0000000.15.R.210630
5IPC-A22EAfter V2.680.0000000.10.R.210313
6IPC-C22EAfter V2.680.0000000.10.R.210313
7IPC-F22After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
8IPC-F22FAfter V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
9IPC-F22FE After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
10IPC-C22CP After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
11IPC-C22SP After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
12IPC-C22EP-A After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
13IPC-A22EP-A After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313
14IPC-S22FP After V2.680.0000000.14.R.210313

Thank you for following the article. The article was updated at 19/08/2021

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